The Five Best Countries Producing Non-Alcoholic Wine Right Now

We all know there are some fantastic wine regions right across the world, but over the last few years we’ve seen a sharp rise in the demand for non-alcoholic variations too. 

The number of people going sober is on the rise for a number of reasons, whether it be due to addiction and going through alcohol withdrawal or simply giving it up for a healthier and happier lifestyle. What that’s led to is a huge market for alcohol-free wine.

As consumers, there’s become more interest in knowing the best zero percent regions when it comes to wine, and there are a number of countries where it is really thriving.

So, what are the five best countries producing non-alcoholic wine at the moment?


France is known for its excellent wine, and its non-alcoholic wines are no exception. The French have been producing some of the best non-alcoholic wines for several years now  and has been able to transfer its wine-making expertise into the production of non-alcoholic wines. They use the same grapes used in their alcoholic wines to produce non-alcoholic versions, which gives their non-alcoholic wines a similar taste to their alcoholic counterparts.


Many people love a Spanish wine, and they are entering the non-alcoholic market in style too, both white and red, as well as rose. Using the same grapes, you’re still getting really flavoursome wines, and many of the leading winemakers in the country are jumping on the non-alcoholic bandwagon. That’s helping the Spanish market go to the next level, and they are known for their innovation in the production of non-alcoholic wines. They have been experimenting with different techniques and ingredients to produce some of the most unique non-alcoholic wines in the world.


Italian non-alcoholic wines are among the most high quality out there and have been using the centuries old expertise to create incredibly full bodied variants without the worry of a hangover.

As with Spain, many of Italy’s biggest winemakers across all their regions are now producing alcohol-free wines and many bottles are being lauded as leaders in the space.


The Germans have been able to transfer their expertise in the production of white wines into the production of non-alcoholic wines. We all know the efficiency within German manufacturing, and that’s certainly the case with non-alcoholic wines too, using the best technology and techniques to produce some great zero percent rieslings in particular. 

The United States

The US has been experimenting with different techniques and ingredients to produce some of the most unique non-alcoholic wines in the world. With the market so big in the USA, the nation has become market leaders, with a number of Californian wines offering 0% bottles. As with the non-alcoholic beer industry, the USA really is starting to lead the way.

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