Going out for a burger is always a fun treat. It’s also one of the most popular meals that one can have either at a restaurant, a burger joint, or even at home.

But what are the best sides to go with your burger meal?

Here are a few suggestions to make your burger meal even better!

The Best Sides to Go With Your Burger

Burgers are usually delicious and mouth-watering on their own and even easy to find whenever you’re searching – it takes just one click for a burger restaurant to pop up. But having something on the side can only add to the fun. Below are what we think the best sides for burgers are.


If you’re looking for the perfect side to accompany your burger meal, look no further than the classic – fries! Fries are salty, savory, and crispy, making them the perfect complement to a juicy burger.

Plus, they’re easy to eat with your hands, which is always a bonus when it comes to dining al fresco. Whether you like your fries plain or loaded with toppings, they’re sure to satisfy your craving for something salty and delicious.

So next time you’re firing up the grill, don’t forget to throw a few potatoes in the mix!

Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potato fries are a great choice for anyone looking for a bit more taste. The sweetness of the fries will compliment the savory flavors of the burger, the crispy exterior will provide a contrast in texture, and the substantial nature of the fries will make them a filling addition to the meal.

A perfect and healthy alternative to your regular fries, sweet potato fries are a great way to add some extra flavor to your meal.

Onion Rings

There’s debate over what the best sides are for a burger meal, but onion rings are always a popular choice. They add a crunchy, savory element to the meal and can be dipped in different dips and sauces.

Some people like to add cheese to their onion rings, which can make them even more delicious. Whether you’re enjoying a burger at a restaurant or cooking one at home, onion rings are a great side dish to have.

Side Salad

A side salad is a perfect accompaniment to a burger meal. The crispness of the salad greens pairs perfectly with the juicy burger, and the addition of fresh fruits or vegetables provides a contrast in texture and flavor.

A simple dressing of olive oil and vinegar ties the whole dish together and makes for an altogether mouth-watering experience with your complete meal.

Fresh Fruit

There are a few different ways you can switch up your standard burger meal by adding fresh fruit to the mix. One way is to add slices of avocado to your burger for a richer flavor and creamier texture.

Another way is to add a tropical twist by adding mango or pineapple slices to your burger. For a more savory option, you could add grilled peaches or tomatoes to your burger. And lastly, for a touch of sweetness, add some fresh berries to your burger.

Whichever way you choose to add fresh fruit to your burger meal, you are sure to enjoy a delicious, healthy, and flavor-packed meal.

Which Side You Choose is Up To You

Whatever side dish you choose from our best sides list, or even something not listed here, we’re sure you’re in for a treat with any yummy burgers or even cheeseburgers as your meal.

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