7 Foods that Will Help College Students Focus on School

Getting through the school day with classes, extracurriculars and work tasks to accomplish can be difficult on the best of days. Many college students struggle to focus and aren’t always prepared for tests and quizzes that could drastically affect their grades. Here are a few great snacks to boost focus and make the long day a little bit easier.

1- Dark chocolate

Everyone has those cravings for something sweet that immediately brings chocolate to the mind. Dark chocolate and other cocoa products actually benefit the body by containing flavonoids. Studies have suggested that flavonoids greatly help the mind’s processes and ability to focus while boosting memory and mental fatigue. If there’s only a little time available between classes, a few bites of dark chocolate might make all the difference before that important exam.

2- Almonds

Many nuts provide healthy fats and protein that can provide the necessary energy to get through the day. Consumed in moderate quantities, almonds can provide a healthy, salty snack that energizes the body and mind and keeps it focused on the tasks ahead.

3- Berries

Many berries contain flavonoids that help blood flow to the brain and promote better memory function. Berries are a tasty treat that can be added to salads and smoothies or just eaten alone to create a quick and easy snack, perfect when finishing up an essay due in an hour.

4- Citrus Fruit

Similar to dark chocolate, citrus fruits often contain flavonoids that are essential to brain performance. By drinking a cup of orange juice in the morning or indulging in a sweet and bitter grapefruit in the afternoon, the brain can enjoy the benefits of foods naturally made to help it flourish and develop. Just be careful not to add too much sugar to the daily diet and focus on foods and drinks that minimize sugary additives and flavorings.

5- Popcorn

This tasty snack doesn’t just have to be eaten in the movie theater while watching the new big blockbuster. Popcorn is a great source of fiber and a delicious, salty snack that can fill up the stomach quickly and hold off hunger rumbles until it’s time for a bigger meal. Popcorn is great for the digestive tract for those who get upset stomachs when they’re nervous and can be added to pretzels, chips, candies and more to create a flavorful snack design.

6- Fish

Adding some fish to the day is a great way to get some Omega-3s into the body. With a moderate amount every day, fish can help with memory and overall brain function, which is essential in remembering facts and statistics for that presentation. Mixed in with a salad or sandwich can cut the fishy taste if it’s not a favorite while still giving benefits.

7- Eggs

Eggs are hit-or-miss for some, but it’s impossible to deny their many health benefits for the body. Eggs are rich in vitamin B12 and selenium, which is directly linked to the functions of the brain. Selenium assists overall memory and cognition and can help to make that math test or history essay that much easier. Just be careful not to eat too many or open up a hard-boiled egg in class unless you want everyone to complain about the smell.

5 Foods Every Good Wedding Party Should Have

When people talk about wedding parties, “How was the food?” is always one of the first questions asked. As such, you want to make sure your wedding includes delicious and memorable selections. Take a look at these five foods every good wedding party should have to begin.


A Customizable Food Bar

People love being able to customize their food selections and a food bar set up with one key menu item and several ways to add variations is the perfect way to accomplish this. One great option for offering this is with a mashed potato bar with different toppings like chives, cheese, mushrooms, bacon, and flavored butters. Serve the potatoes in a martini glass for a sophisticated touch. You could even go the route of a fruit pizza bar with cookies, frosting and assorted fruits for your guests to make for themselves.


An Extensive Cheese Plate

Cheese is an ideal food to have at a wedding because not only is it a popular choice, but it is filling and delicious as well. It can be served as an appetizer or alongside other foods and pairs beautifully with drinks. You can even go the alternate route and try some John Wm. Macy’s CheeseSticks that are made by this company as all of your guests may not like regular cheeses. There are many takes you can do with this but make sure that you are truly happy with the selection as this is your special day. Don’t forget to include sweet cheese to compliment desserts!


A Memorable Cake

Serving cake at a wedding party is a given, but talk with the caterer about ways to make it stand out above a sea of ordinary cakes. Some people are choosing to have layers of different flavors of cake and fillings for an unexpected touch. Bakers can even arrange petit fours or cupcakes on tiers for a dramatic (and tasty!) effect.


A Signature Item

The bride and groom’s personalities should really shine through at the wedding reception. One of the best ways to achieve this is by choosing a signature item that reflects something personal about the couple and is not found at most wedding parties. For example, if the engagement took place over a special brunch, serve savory waffles. If the groom is known for his sweet tooth, have a table full of candy shop favorites.


Plenty of Protein

As partygoers celebrate the new marriage by dancing and visiting, they are likely to work up an appetite. Along with your other selections, be sure to offer guests some protein options to keep everyone full. The cheese plate mentioned earlier will be a help with this, then select a meat or fish option. Often times caterers have a special meat menu specific for weddings and you should seriously consider this option.


Planning the menu for a wedding party is a great opportunity to showcase your creativity and offer hospitality to friends and family. Begin planning your menu with these wedding party essentials and you can’t go wrong.