Saltwater Taffy: Where It All Begins

The history of saltwater taffy began in Atlantic City, where the first salted taffy sellers were Enoch James and Joseph Fralinger. Both businesses remain family-owned, and Joseph Fralinger’s is the largest manufacturer of premium saltwater taffy. Fralinger began by buying 200 boxes of taffy and sold them out in a single day. Around the turn of the century, he was joined by Enoch James, who moved from the Midwest to Atlantic City to compete with Fralinger’s.

Origin of Taffy Pulls

The process of making taffy is fun and interactive. Best taffy is made by many famous taffy makers today, still follows the same process that dates back over a century. Most taffy is made from sugar, vegetable oil, butter, and flavorings. It must then be pulled or stretched until the desired shape and texture are achieved.

Salt Water Taffy is a popular treat along the Atlantic Coast. Several companies produce different flavors, including coconut, pistachio, and orange. During the manufacturing process, unique long-grain salt is added to the candy to make it both salty and sweet. Natural flavorings are also used. Once the candy is ready, it is spread on a metal table and pulled by mechanical taffy pullers.

Ocean City

The history of saltwater taffy in Ocean City can be traced back to the early 1900s. Joseph Fralinger and Enoch James were among the first popular taffy sellers in Atlantic City. They own a family-owned business that is still operating today. Fralinger purchased 200 boxes of taffy and sold out in a day. His first batch of taffy featured molasses and vanilla flavors. Eventually, other flavors were added, and Salt Water became a classic candy throughout the East Coast and beyond.

One of the most popular is saltwater taffy. Treats in Ocean City and tourists are always on the hunt for it. Today, saltwater taffy can be purchased from many beach resorts and online. However, buying it off the boardwalk is a much more exciting experience. The history of saltwater taffy in Ocean City can be traced back to a famous candy store on the path.

Joseph Fralinger

The first saltwater taffy was made in the basements of Boardwalk candy stores, but by the 1920s, it was being made in a factory. Its superior taste came from adding creamy mint sticks and taffy-shaped pieces of candy that melted in your mouth. In addition, the factory produced a vintage 1900 Rose Cut & Wrap Machine, which made it possible to wrap taffy in various shapes.

Fralinger opened its first retail store on Atlantic City’s famed boardwalk in 1885, making it the oldest saltwater taffy merchant in Atlantic City. The confectionery’s popularity quickly spread throughout the city and the world. By the decade’s end, there were more than 450 saltwater taffy manufacturers. Each one had its own recipe for preparing the sweets and packaging them.

Enoch James

Enoch James is credited with creating the first saltwater taffy. He was a confectioner by trade and invented a unique recipe for taffy that wasn’t sticky or chewy. Instead, he designed it to be bite-sized and smooth. This unique shape allowed the taffy to stay in the mouth without slipping out.

Today, most candy makers use the refined recipe and process developed by James. They start by cooking the ingredients in a large copper or stainless steel kettle, then move the mixture to a vacuum where excess moisture is sucked out. Once the taffy reaches the desired temperature, they pull it through a large machine and add flavoring.

Atlantic City’s saltwater taffy became a local icon, as Enoch James and his sons came from the Midwest to create the sweet treat. They developed the cut-to-fit-mouth shape of the flattery and packaged it in seashore novelties. Even today, the famous Fralinger’s taffy is the most popular souvenir to take home from the shore. Fralinger’s taffy is still sold at James’s Candy, and they have a wide variety of flavors.

Process of Making Salt Water Taffy

Saltwater taffy is a traditional candy made from salt water. This type of candy is characterized by its thick, sticky coating. It was first made by hand, but over time, manufacturers began using machinery to make it easier to create. They now use large kettles made of stainless steel and copper to cook the ingredients. Then, the taffy is stretched, packaged, and cut into different shapes.

Saltwater taffy also called chews in Britain, contains sugar, cornstarch, water, and flavorings. The most common flavors are peppermint, raspberry, and watermelon. You can also use other candy flavors, such as cotton candy or strawberry. Saltwater taffy should be kept in an airtight container for up to two weeks, but it will lose its chewy texture.

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