Five Food & Drink Gifts to Buy Someone this Holiday Season

When someone loves to eat, drink, cook, and learn about food, there are plenty of gift options for the holiday season. Whether you don’t know what to buy or know exactly what they want, it’s hard to go wrong with food and drink that someone loves. Whether it’s a Iberico ham from Spain or a seasonal beer, there are plenty of options for great food and drink gifts. Below are five culinary gifts to buy someone this holiday season.

High-End Meats

It doesn’t matter who you’re buying for, high-end deli, dried, cured, and other preserved meats are a delicacy most people love. If the person eats meat, a nice meat will nearly always satisfy. It’s not something people are always going to buy for themselves, but as a gift people love fine meats. The sky’s the limit. When it comes to something of a delicacy like Iberico ham, they are cured for the buyer and can take a long time to wait in line. Who doesn’t want to dive into some deli meats on Christmas day? When you don’t know what to buy your favorite carnivore, think about getting them some meat.

Seasonal Beers

Beers change like the seasons. When it becomes fall and then winter, there are specific styles that are more popular. Whether it’s pumpkin beer, porters, stouts, or beers with festive flavors, there are plenty of seasonal beers to buy for your favorite brew lover. Seasonal beers are fun. When you bring one to Christmas or New Years, you have an exciting beverage to try. It’s fun to open a beer as a present on Christmas morning. Pumpkin beers are great for Thanksgiving. Whether you are buying for someone who loves a particular flavor or just loves the taste of beer, the seasonal offerings are great for any beer lover.

Gift Basket

Whether you are looking to buy a basket consisting of things that you know the person will love or are looking for a heartwarming get well soon basket for someone who won’t be able to make it to the holiday celebrations, there are plenty of options for themed gift baskets. One option is the mixed basket with meats, cheeses, maybe some wine, and other gifts. You could go straight for a collection of wines. What about chocolates? You could even find baskets that specialize in niche items like herbal teas, fruits, and other items. There are also gourmet and health food baskets. Whatever it is the person likes, there is a gift basket for them.

A Bottle of Nice Alcohol

So often people don’t want to buy the nice bottle for themselves. They might be okay with buying for other people, but when it comes to purchasing a nice bottle of wine, scotch, or tequila, it can be difficult to pull the trigger. When you know someone who has an interest in a particular type of alcohol, you can find the perfect bottle. When it comes to wine and whiskey, the sky’s the limit for how much it can cost. Do you know someone who is a connoisseur of wine? A nice bottle you know will be a great gift.

A Spice Rack

Finally, a great gift that you might overlook is a nice spice rack. A rack of spices is a great gift because it organizes them and provides a counter piece. When someone has moved into a new house or simply has a love for exotic, hard-to-get spices, and herbs, one of these racks is a great option to buy for someone who loves to cook. Or, if the person doesn’t cook but has shown interest in it, buying them a spice rack is a great way to encourage them to start cooking.

Whoever you are buying for, there is a lot of love for food and drink. The holidays are a time of indulgence. If you know someone who loves meat, cheese, chocolate, wine, whiskey, or something incredibly specific, it can be a great gift. You don’t need to love the item yourself to know that it makes a great gift. As the holiday season comes closer, the items can satisfy nearly everyone. If you don’t know what to get someone, try a food or drink present!

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