It’s strange how certain foods can make us feel better when we eat them. For many it is going to be things such as chocolate and ice cream while for others it will be comfort food. The meals we had as children would often be filling and stodgy and when having them as an adult there is the same feeling of security and being cared for that we had back then.

Why Chocolate Makes Us Feel Good

Mainly it will be the taste and the melt in the mouth texture that makes us enjoy it. No other sweets or candy have quite the same effect. Research shows that there are opioids in chocolate and as it is also found in opium it is clear that there is going to be a good feeling given. The brain recognises them and enjoys the feeling. It is also stuffed with sugar and caffeine so there will be that sense of excitement when it is being eaten.  As well as the physical effects, chocolate is given as a romantic offering and this will make women feel looked after when they eat it – even if they have bought it themselves. There are links to chocolate improving the sex life as the brain has released chemicals that make people feel good and this will lead to a desire for sex. Knowing that a small amount of dark chocolate can also be good for your overall health makes it even more enticing.

How to Get That Sunny Day Feeling

Most people feel better on a sunny day and the trick is to know how to get that feeling even when there are clouds in the sky and strong threats of rain. It may not seem to be something that will make us feel good, especially when you consider the smell, but oily fish will work. Very few foodstuffs contain vitamin D but here is one that does. Thanks to this, there is serotonin produced in the body and hey presto, we are feeling better than we did. Another product that will have the same effect is the banana. Here it can be a combination of the bright colour and the make-up of the fruit, and it has been synonymous with health and well being for a long time. Again serotonin is produced but here thanks to the tryptophan found in the banana. They also helps to reduce stress as they are full of potassium, and then to complete the hat trick, blood sugars can be regulated thanks to the existence of Vitamin B6.

Greens Really Are Good For You

It may be hard to get children to eat their greens, but as an adult it is a food group that is going to boost your mental wellbeing. Depression can creep up very quickly and there is a lot of folic acid included in many greens and while it has long been know that folic acid is good for pregnant women it is now known to help fight the blues.

While not a food, coffee is also effective and is the ideal drink to have at the start of the day. It makes you feel more alert and also works on the pleasure part of the brain in the same way that amphetamines do.

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This article is submitted by Kate Shaw, a certified fitness trainer and yoga instructor. She shares health and fitness tips through her articles. She recommends the Garcinia Cambogia to people who want to lose their weight quickly.

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