How to Use Different Types of Wine Openers

Uncertain which wine opener to choose? Or maybe you don’t know how to utilize a few odd-looking corkscrews you inherited. Whichever one it is, we have included step-by-step instructions for using 11 various wine openers below.

Similar to any purchase when there are many possibilities, collecting information and comparing what is offered to your requirements will undoubtedly result in a solution that is practical and gratifying. Let’s explore the many corkscrew wine openers on the market.

Lever Corkscrew

The lever corkscrew is often regarded as the finest tool for novices because of its simplicity. Most people buying a corkscrew would choose a lever corkscrew. It also maintains the classic sensation of utilizing a hand-operated wine bottle opener. There may be no way to make a mistake while opening a wine bottle with this kind of corkscrew. This is a lightweight, reliable instrument that needs little physical effort. Lever corkscrews are also available in table-mounted forms.

What to Use:

Put the lever on the corkscrew in the up position.
Push the lever down to insert the worm. After that, set the corkscrew on your bottle.

Pull the lever handle back up when the lever has fully descended to remove the cork from the wine bottle.
Despite taking up a lot of room, this wine opener is simple to operate. When placed as a permanent house feature, it makes a strong and fashionable statement about you.

Rabbit-style wine corkscrews
This style is maybe the simplest for beginners to utilize. Opening a wine bottle is simple with the Rabbit Corkscrew, thanks to some of its most basic characteristics. Said, this opening is difficult to do wrong.

What to Use:

Utilize two handles around the bottle’s neck to firmly grasp the cork (rabbit ear grip).
After that, remove the cork by inserting a levered corkscrew into it.
It’s understandable why most wine fans swear by the rabbit-shaped corkscrew, which is guaranteed to remove the cork in a matter of seconds and can be used to open any size wine bottle.

The corkscrew of the Waiter

The wine key, sommelier knife, and pull tap corkscrew are some other names for the Waiter’s corkscrew. The wine key is popular among those who desire a fashionable tool that still does its job effectively since the handles may be made of many materials, including metal, wood, or plastic. A built-in beer bottle opener is often included with the Sommelier wine openers.

What to Use:

Once the screw has been inserted, the cork may be easily removed because of the double hinge’s leverage-giving design.
To aid in quickly removing the cork, this design enables the user to place the tool on top of the wine bottle.
The foil that traditionally covers the cork is easily removed thanks to the built-in knife blade.
You may need a little more time to learn this wine opener properly, but once you do, the advantages are many. For servers, it comes highly recommended.

Corkscrew for Wall Mount

The mounted corkscrew is a fantastic option for individuals who are genuine wine enthusiasts. These corkscrews are often fixed to a wall or beam for maximum safety and stability. This is a thoughtful gift and an excellent addition to any wine collector’s collection.

What to Use:

Attach the gadget to a countertop, beam, or wall.
Extract the cork by using leverage.
It is simple to operate since little force is needed.
In addition to being quick and straightforward to operate, the wall mount cork extractor is attractive. The drawback is that it costs more and takes up more room. This is a fantastic alternative for a restaurant that opens several wine bottles.

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