How to Identify the Best CBD Products

Cannabidiol or CBD is a potent compound present in cannabis extracted from the hemp plant. Considering its anti-anxiety, pain relief, anti-seizure, and anti-cancer properties, its use in regulated amounts got legalized in 2018 by the Agriculture Improvement Act or the Farm Bill. This means that a huge wave of CBD products has entered the market over the last couple of years, due to which choosing the best CBD products has become a challenge.

CBD products are manufactured in several forms, including oils, tinctures, gummies, capsules, creams, balms, vapes, etc. But it is vital to notice that the industry of cannabis is in unregulated stages, and many hustlers try to make money by selling low-quality CBD products. So, here are a few excellent ways to identify and differentiate garbage from top-quality CBD products.

CO2 Extraction Method

Best CBD products are made from the oil extracted using the supercritical CO2 extraction method. This is a safe extraction process, ensuring the CBD oil is free from any chemicals and additives. Avoid any products extracted using chemicals such as butane, propane, hexane, and pentane. These chemicals leave dangerous contaminants behind, which are harmful to the consumers.

Grown on Tested Soil

As a hyper accumulator plant, hemp absorbs anything from the soil that it is grown in. Apart from the useful minerals and vitamins, it also readily absorbs harmful lead, toxic chemicals, and petroleum from the soil. 

Safest CBD products are the ones that are made from the oil extracted from hemp grown in a soil tested area. Only certified farmers send their soil for frequent testing in an accredited lab. This ensures that the fields’ soil is free from any heavy metals, pesticides, fungus, bacteria, foreign matter, solvent residue, and others.

CBD Concentration

A good quality CBD product will indicate the amount of CBD contained in it on the label. This can either be in the form of concentration in percentage or number of mg in the product. Higher concentration means more potency and high-efficacy. Ideally, a CBD product must contain 250 to 1000mg of CBD per 30ml. Amount less than that would be a waste, and anything more will be too much.

Presence of THC

Hemp contains THC, which is responsible for giving psychoactive effects associated with cannabis. The legal amount of THC is limited to 0.03%, which is too less to make you high. So, the product you choose should adhere to this limit, and its presence should be indicated on the label.

Full Spectrum

CBD products made from oil extracted from the whole plant are higher in quality than those extracted from the CBD isolates. CBD isolates are pure CBD that often lacks other terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids that work together with CBD to deliver the desired results.

If you are searching for the best CBD products in the market, find the one that features all the qualities of a reliable product, including strict quality standards from farms to the bottles. Extracted using the CO2 extraction method, they should be made from non-GMO, organic hemp cultivated on tested soil without fertilizers, herbicides, contaminants, and pesticides.

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