Foods That Will Increase Your Appetite

There are different reasons why you do not want to eat, ranging from stress to illness. The big problem in most situations is that you end up losing weight without you wanting this. The problem is that there are no foods that are actually going to make you want to eat a lot more. When struggling, what should be done is to change your entire diet, no matter what dining etiquette rules you want to respect. This is why you want to consider the following as your goal is to increase appetite.

Nutrient-Rich Foods

If appetite is small, you want to eat the foods that you enjoy and that pack in various different calories. Sweet treats and fast food will be what is often considered but a much better idea is to consume high-calorie foods that are healthy. That is going to prevent your weight loss as you get the nutrients the body requires. Some of the options that you can consider include avocados, sweet potatoes, dried fruit, bananas, vegetables, corn and peas. If you want extra protein, add cheese, eggs, nuts and hummus. In the grain group you want to consider the whole-grain breads, quinoa and grape nuts.

Eat More Often

Many people today are breakfast skippers because of the lack of time but this is a really bad idea. You want to be sure that you eat your breakfast and then you increase how many meals you eat throughout the day. Even if you initially eat the same amount spread over different meals, eventually you are going to eat more. Try to focus on a substantial breakfast that packs in calories and that you keep the meals small. Eating more often is going to improve intake as the appetite is waning.

Drink Calories If Appetite Is Small

In many situations the calories are going to go down much easier if you choose them as beverages. Some of the great choices are whole milk and 100% fruit juice. Alternatively, you want to consider a high calorie smoothie with fruits. It is much healthier than what you often consider. Just take one smaller banana, mix it with 1 peanut butter tablespoon and some milk. The result is a smoothie of around 300 calories. Other healthy fruit smoothie recipes can be found online. You can also consider buying some nutrition supplement drinks. Most of them have around 350 calories and can be a good source of healthy protein while including minerals and vitamins.

Food Boosters

If you do not have appetite, all calories are important. This is where the calorie boosters can step in to help you out by adding some concentrated calories to your nutrition. Many high-calorie mixes are possible, mainly included gravy, milk powder, nut butter, butter and oil. Veggies can be sauté in quality olive oil and the favorite grains can be tossed in. It is also a good idea to add some butter to bread, veggies and potatoes as a very strong and tasty calorie booster. Even dried nuts and fruits can be very good when added to yogurt and hot cereal.


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