Dr Jay Feldman

Dr Jay Feldman explains the importance of physical fitness. Dr Jay Feldman mentioned the ability of your body systems and organs to function together effectively enables you to live a healthy life. Physical fitness gives you the ability to work daily. A person who is fit can do any work and take care of their home while still having enough potential for athletic and other leisure activities. A person who is fit can handle normal tasks such as raking leaves.

Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is comprised of 11 components, says Dr Jay Feldman. 6 are health-related and 5 are skill related. Each part is important for good performance in any kind of physical activity, such as sports. The 6 parts are called contributing to Physical fitness and health Because it is proven that they can lower your risk of developing chronic diseases and promote good health.

Skill-related physical fitness

Dr Jay Feldman mentioned physically fit people can do activities and sports. You can also work and do exercises. You can do physical fitness and exercises daily. For example, among older adults, Balance, Agility, And Coordinating. They are vital for preventing falls, which is a serious health concern.

Reaction time

Simply put exercising and physical activity are vital for everyone. Every age group needs to do physical activities. Exercise is good for your health and it is recommended to be active at all times of your life, regardless of your body size or BMI.

Knowing the benefits of fitness and knowing how active you must be is a great way to keep your health in good shape and increase the quality of your life overall. Here are some benefits of regular exercise that show the importance of fitness.

Conserve money

As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention chronic diseases account for around 7-10 deaths per year in the U.S. Treating chronic illnesses accounts for 86 percent of U.S. healthcare costs. Although some illnesses cannot be avoided. However, you can decrease the risk of developing certain diseases diabetes, and heart disease. By avoiding risky behavior and maintaining a healthy and balanced way of life, says Dr Jay Feldman.

Making healthier choices, like engaging regularly in physical exercise can lower your chance of suffering from a myriad of illnesses and conditions that could result in costly medical treatments.

Improve your life duration

Numerous studies have demonstrated that physical activity regularly can increase life expectancy as well as reduce the chance of death from premature age. There isn’t a formula that can translate hours of exercise into hours of living. Dr Jay Feldman, studies suggest that those who exercise more are generally healthier and live longer.

Reduce the danger of injury

Regular exercise and physical exercise can increase the strength of your muscles and bone density, as well as flexibility and stability. Fitness can lower the likelihood of and resistance to accidents, particularly as you age.

Enhance your quality of life

A life of sedentary living and an inactivity level that is not sufficient can have a negative impact on the body of a person. Physical inactivity is linked to an increased risk of contracting certain kinds of cancer as well as a host of chronic diseases and mental health problems. Training has been proven to boost mood and mental well-being and offers many health benefits. Fitness lets you do things that you might not be able to accomplish.

Keep active

Being active and healthy allows you to participate in things that require a certain amount of physical strength. For example, climbing to the summit of a mountain can be an exciting experience that provides the euphoria of achievement and also provides stunning scenery but there are those who can’t enjoy this experience because of their fitness.

Even walking through the Zoo with your family or playing in the playground with your kids can be a challenge for people who do not exercise for a long time. Being active can make it easier to remain active even as you age.

Increase your fitness

There are numerous health benefits to physical fitness. Regular physical exercise and regular exercise strengthens bones and muscles. It can improve cardiovascular, and respiratory well-being and overall health. Active lifestyles can help in managing a correct weight, decrease the risk of heart attack, and also reduce your chance of contracting certain cancers.

So, being active is an important aspect of keeping good health and well-being.

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