Doing It All: How San Diego Entrepreneur Sawyer Winston Stays Healthy and Energized While Running Businesses

How San Diego Entrepreneur Sawyer Winston Stay Healthy and Energized

Mr. Sawyer Winston was in the middle of a shower when we arrived at his home in a beautiful San Diego suburb, the individual who answered the door told us. A few minutes later, when he joined in a small room adjacent to the living room, he told us he had just returned from his mandatory evening run.

He looked relaxed in his Polo shirt and joggers and he spoke to us on how he has remained in such great shape while combining his already busy schedule and many business interests in San Diego.

Mr. Sawyer Winston credited diet and exercise for his good health. He told us how he doesn’t compromise on having a good eating and dietary habit and how he ensures that he runs for 5km every day. 

He told us he eats a lot of fruits and vegetables. As a matter of fact, 65% of his daily meal consists of fruits and vegetables. Fruit and vegetables provide the necessary minerals and vitamins that are required to power through the day. In addition, it puts at bay heart problems and related ills. It also reduces the risk of cancer and blood sugar. 

He told us he was religious with exercise. He said he does light exercise in the morning after having his breakfast of banana smoothies, then tries to run between 3km and 5km every evening depending on how his day played out.

When we pressed if he never misses his daily running schedule, Mr. Sawyer Winston told us that there were days he was unable to carry out his run but he tries to always double the output the next day. He, however, tries to get a little burst of exercise during the day which he recommends for everybody.

Mr. Sawyer Winston also ensures that he finds time to relax despite his busy schedule. He usually calls it personal time and makes sure nothing takes from it. He said while he works very hard, he makes it a point not to attend any business after 9pm and only works a few hours on weekends.

Being one of the business leaders in San Diego, he believes that more entrepreneurs need to take a similar stance in order to prevent burnout.

He emphasized the importance of sleep. Many people do not get enough sleep on a regular basis. He makes sure that he gets at least 7 hours of sleep every night.

He said he once made the  mistake of working late nights and hardly getting any sleep which only left him feeling tired and unmotivated during days. Since when he started locking his sleeping routine and getting the maximum rest at night, he has seen his productivity increased.

Mr. Sawyer Winston also has regular checkups at the UC San Diego Health-Jacobs Medical Center. He said while he ensures that he keeps fit and eats very healthy, he visits the hospital twice a year for a complete check up and takes the doctors’ advice very seriously.

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