Beat The Heat With These Frozen Delights

So you have made a big change in your diet, does it mean you will not be able to eat something fun? The answer is no.

Ice cream is a no-no in a strict diet. However, this article will help you enjoy a healthy and nutritious frozen delights that will help you gain more vitamins and minerals rather than extra calories.


The Green Tea Ice Cream

Homemade ice cream is relatively easy to make. I bet you agree with me that anything homemade is better than anything store-bought for those who are going for a healthy diet. This is because you are sure of what the ingredients used to make the food. You would not need to worry if maybe there’s too much salt? Or too much sugar?

Green tea can provide so many benefits. It is an antioxidant and helps you fight free radicals so that your body will be healthy inside and out.


A cup of heavy cream

A half cup of almond milk

A half cup of honey

A teaspoon of matcha powder


What to do:

In a container, put all of the ingredients. Mix well and make sure that the matcha powder is distributed well.

Place the mixture in an ice cream machine and let it cool for more than a half hour. It can be eaten now but if you want it to have a firmer texture. Refrigerate for one more hour.

A Higher Level of Refreshment: Strawberry Cucumber Sherbet

Strawberry is a popular fruit. There is no denying that. It contains high amount of Vitamin C that will help boost your immune system. Other than that, it helps fight free radicals in the body.

Cucumber, on the other hand is a well-known source of B vitamins. It also helps you keep feeling hydrated since cucumber has more than ninety percent of water.

Cucumbers and strawberries. You may think it’s an odd mix. Wait until you get a taste of this wonderful dessert. Enjoy a healthy and delicious mix of fruits and vegetable. You will surely come back for another fix of this refreshing drink.

A Higher Level of Refreshment: Strawberry Cucumber Sherbet

Prepare the following ingredients:

Two cucumbers

One cup of strawberries

One cup of honey

One cup of sugar

One lemon

What you should do:

Peel and remove the seeds of the cucumber. Slice them into tiny chunks. Cut the strawberries in halves.

Create a simple syrup by mixing a half cup of water with honey. Place them in a saucepan and heat until the mixture is no longer sticky. Set aside and let it cool.

Extract juice from one whole lemon using a juicer. You can use two tablespoons of lemon extract if you want, instead of squeezing out the juice from a lemon.

Combine the berries, syrup, cucumber, and lemon juice n a blender. Puree well until the mixture is smooth and there are no more visible lumps. Transfer it in a container and freeze for more than five hours.

Serve and enjoy!


Linda Rosario is a food enthusiast from Chef Needs “The Kitchen Every Chef Needs”. Linda also loves travelling, painting and  works as a Nurse.


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