6 Tips for Planning a Dinner Proposal

For most couples, an engagement proposal is a life event they will cherish forever. Women often dream of how a man will propose to them, so you want to get this step just right when it is time to take it. It isn’t always easy coming up with the perfect proposal, so we have some tips for you if a dinner proposal is in your future. Make the moment, and the night, magical with these six tips!

1. Pick the Perfect Day

If you regularly go out to eat, then you know how busy weekends can get. Consider the feelings of your significant other when picking the day. If you know she would like a proposal in front of dozens of people, feel free to make a reservation on a Friday or Saturday. However, if she is a more private person, make a reservation for a Monday or Tuesday when the restaurant is usually emptier.

2. Plan for the Engagement Ring

Whether you have a ring on hand or not will depend on your loved one. In many proposals, having the engagement ring ready to go is a huge part of the night. However, your significant other may have expressed her desire to pick out her own ring. If this is the case, consider proposing with a promise ring or even no ring at all. You can then shop for the real engagement ring together!

3. Spruce Up the Dinner

A dinner proposal means having the best you can afford. Bring flowers to your loved one for your dinner date, or ask the restaurant to have fresh flowers already on your table. Go all out on your order. Be prepared to make a night of it with no worries when it comes to what you are having for dinner. Proposals call for wine, champagne, and dessert!

4. Inform the Restaurant of Your Plan

First, make sure you make a reservation if you want the evening to go as planned. You don’t want to show up and have to wait for a table for two hours because you didn’t make one! Then, talk to the manager or hostess about your plan to propose. See if they can seat you in a comfortable, romantic area that is furthest away from the noise of the restaurant. They may even offer you a free dessert or beverage if they know you are proposing.

5. Pick When You’ll Pop the Question

It’s a good idea to know exactly when you want to ask your loved one to marry you. You may wish to ask early on, during drinks and appetizers. Maybe you would rather wait until after dinner while you enjoy a scrumptious dessert. If you are having the wait staff help you propose, such as bringing the ring around the stem of a champagne glass, make sure they know when to show up with it so you aren’t caught off guard.

6. Consider Asking Friends and Family to Join

This tip is a very personal, individual choice. If you absolutely know your significant other would be happy with friends and family around to witness the big event, plan a big dinner with her closest friends and family members. However, she may just want it to be the two of you alone in the restaurant. Know her feelings and thoughts on the subject and plan accordingly to make your proposal the best it can be!

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