Believe it or not, the food that you eat does more than just fill your belly. The type of food that you put into your body can not only affect you now but well into your retirement age. It’s important that you get the right nutrients in order for your body to perform its best. 

Simply put, food is essential for being healthy. Here are some of the ways that food can affect our well being. 

Immune System 

Most research suggests that your nutrition choices make all the difference in how well your immune system performs. When you lack essential vitamins and nutrients, you may be more sensitive to infections and illnesses. Although some foods can help boost your immune system, like foods rich in vitamin C, there’s no one specific food that you should eat. 

Try to eat a balanced diet that has plenty of raw fruits and vegetables in order to maximize the most amount of benefits. 


When you fail to eat enough fiber-rich foods, things can start to get backed up in your gut. Every day your insides need to clean themselves out. Otherwise, you could find yourself extremely sick. Your immune system works with your digestive system in order to get the bad stuff out to keep the good stuff in. 


It goes without saying that the kind of foods you eat can have a significant impact on how much you weigh. The more processed and fatty foods that you consume, the more likely you are to develop obesity. If you’re trying to lose weight, you should focus on your nutrition in addition to getting more exercise. 

Research suggests that nutrition can play a greater role in your weight loss efforts than exercise. However, a healthy balance is key. 

Mental Health 

It may sound crazy initially; however, what you eat can significantly impact the way that you feel emotionally. Try to think of a time when you skipped a meal. You probably felt a little off. Skipping meals or eating meals lacking in certain nutrients can leave you feeling groggy and even more prone to depression. Not only that, but poor nutrition can even result in increased aggression and impulsive behavior. Try to eat a diet that is rich in natural foods rather than processed. Remember that your brain is highly susceptible to chemicals that are often found in unnatural foods. 


That’s right, the food that you eat can significantly affect the way that you sleep.  As you probably know, sleep is an essential part of being healthy.  Eating the right kind of foods before you go to bed will play a huge difference in how restful your sleep is.

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