5 Traditional Australian Snack Foods To Try

Whether you’re a native Australian or a traveler just looking to experience the different foods the world has to offer, there are 5 snack foods that are a must for any traditional Australian food experience. Like any culture, there are favorites the nation is famous for, some which may be expected and others that come as a complete surprise. Give your taste buds a whirl by trying some of these native Australian foods or re-introducing yourself to them.

1) Vegemite

One of the most well-known native Australian delights is Vegemite; but what is it exactly? Vegemite is a spread that is made from some of the leftover ingredients after brewing beer. This means it contains dormant yeast, boiled-down vegetable stock, and a good amount of salt. While it is considered an acquired taste, it is loved by many Australians and should definitely be tried if you’re looking to have a full Australian experience. Try a light amount on toast, as a cheese and vegemite sandwich, or even in a stew or soup. Only a very small amount is needed if you’re new to Vegemite- the taste is decently strong so a little goes a long way!

2) Tim Tam

Tim Tams are another popular selection when it comes to Australian snack foods. Tim Tams are a type of chocolate cookie/biscuit often eaten with a glass of milk. Like other foods, there’s witty debate about how to properly eat a Tim Tam. One way to enjoy this treat is called the “Tim Tam Slam,” where the biscuit is dipped in a hot beverage (hot cocoa) and then the beverage is sucked out by way of the Tim Tam. Actually a very specific/traditional process, where opposite corners of the cookie are bitten off with one end submerged in the hot cocoa. This tradition is definitely a must to give a go.

3) Cherry Ripe

A Cherry Ripe is another chocolate dessert favorite of many Australians. Voted by Food Magazine as Australia’s favorite chocolate bar, this is a fun thing to try while you’re on the go. The Cherry Ripe is a Cadbury product dating back to 1924, making it the country’s oldest chocolate bar. What makes the Cherry Ripe different from the average chocolate bar is its cherry and coconut filling coated by a dark chocolate layer on the outside. Some Australian goods such as the Cherry Ripe can be very difficult to find outside of the country, so if you’re looking to give this a try, find a retailer that sells traditional Australian foods like the Cherry Ripe.

4) Violet Crumble

Another popular choice of chocolate bar is the Violet Crumble. This treat is produced in Melbourne consisting of a crumbly honeycomb toffee center coated with compound chocolate. Australian’s love their chocolate coated treats!

5) Shapes

A more interestingly titled, well-known Australian snack is Shapes. Shapes look similar to a potato chip but are in a shape that was found to be the most economical, leaving little waste behind. Also similar to the American potato chip, Shapes come in many different flavors from BBQ, to cheddar, and even chicken flavors. Unlike a potato chip however, Shapes are baked instead of fried.

Regardless of whether you are already familiar with these delicious and popular Australian foods from your native land, are just now learning about them, or if you’ve heard of them before, you can’t go wrong with any of the classic Australian products on the market.

Dave Nichols is interested in foods, music, films originating from Australia.

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