5 Tips For Drinking Whiskey

One of the best alcoholic drinks in the world is whiskey. It is such a lovely drink that comes in many flavours from more smoky taste to a light fruity taste. There really is something for everyone to enjoy.

There is an art to drinking whiskey and here are five tips that can help you impress your friends next time.

1. Open Your Senses

Whiskeys have very full flavour and it is a good idea to have your taste sensors opened up before you get to drink it. There are many different ways of preparing your senses for whiskey but eating certain foods is usually the easiest way.

Things like almonds, vanilla or cinnamon pods can be very good at preparing your senses for the experience.

Dried foods like apricots could also be a good idea. If you are serving whiskey then having these available is a good idea as well.

2. Have Water With It

Above all it is a good idea to have water nearby when enjoying a glass of whiskey. Although you don’t need to add it to the drink but having an occasional sip of water can really enhance the flavour.

You can also just add a splash of water to your whiskey to enhance the flavour. Some even like drinking it with ice cubes. If you do use ice you might want to add enough of it to prevent it from melting too quickly as this might distil the drink in a negative way.

3. It Is Versatile

Although many would argue that the best way to drink whiskey is on its own there are many uses for this great drink. It is really all about your personal preference and if you are more of a cocktail fan then go ahead and use whiskey like that.

There are many good cocktails that use whiskey. You can find a nice list of whiskey cocktails at the Esquire website. Try them out and make all of your friends fall in love with this versatile drink.

4. Age Is A Bonus

There are many good whiskeys that are relatively young and thus age isn’t always the main factor that decides if a whiskey is good or not. But generally old whiskeys tend to be more mature with their taste and thus often are more enjoyable.

You can find a good selection of vintage whiskey on the internet and learn more about the aging process as well. Websites like VintageWineGifts.co.uk provide great information for whiskey enthusiasts.

5. There Is No Right Way

All in all, don’t let people bully you into thinking that there is only one way of drinking whiskey. There is a variety of ways to enjoy this drink and it all depends on your personal preference.

The best way to find your own favourite whiskey is to taste different options and whiskeys from different regions. This will help you find just the right one for your taste buds.

The above tips can help you enjoy whiskey to the full. They are good things to know and impress your friends with next time you are enjoying a glass of whiskey.

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Marty loves to have an occasional drink of whiskey and he is passionate about learning more about this great drink His favourite way of enjoying it is after a day outside playing with the dogs and sipping it in front of the fireplace with a good book.

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