We all need to take the edge off of life from time to time, with work stress and family stress it is no wonder we all find moments in life when we need a break. For many of us that break comes in the form of the Green Goddess. The thing about weed is, if you (like me) don’t like to smoke it then you can feel a bit jilted when all of your friends are chilled and you’re raging around like a weedless chicken. Fear not my fellow lung-lovers, here are 5 great reasons to try weed in the edible form.

  1. It’s Better For Your Lungs

Rolling a fatty was a time-honoured tradition in the 90s, these days we are more health-savvy and kinder to our lungs. Smoking weed isn’t for everyone, in fact – smoking in general is largely frowned upon these days. I still have a sneaky ciggie here and there but I have never been a huge fan of smoking weed in a confined space. 

  1. Dispensaries Are Safe

Since weed became legal in a lot of places, more and more dispensaries are popping up around the country. These make getting edibles more convenient and unlike with a joint, you know exactly what weed you’re getting and how much of a dose you’re getting. Dispensaries have a wide range of edibles available that have exact doses of what you’re after. Always get your weed and edibles from a reputable supplier like Canna-Express, the only 24/7 airport

  1. It’s A Gentler Trip If Done Right

If you’re smoking weed then it is easier to go a bit too far and end up having a bad high. Finding the right dose of edibles is easier. As a general rule of green thumb, half a joint is equal to eating a 10mg edible. Be careful at first, especially if this is your first time – everyone reacts differently to cannabis. The beauty of edibles is that you can start out slow but don’t be fooled; edibles can fluff you up if you’re not being smart about it. If you do still want to smoke it, then I suggest you get yours from Mississauga weed delivery for some truly bad-ass chronic.

  1. Zero Bad Smell

As I mentioned before, smoking weed has a few downsides and one of the biggest ones is the nasty smell that lingers on you for hours. Edibles don’t have this gross smell, no one would ever suspect you of being high unless you ate 15 pot brownies and then dressed up like a unicorn and randomly bought a new dog because you could have sworn it was speaking English… 

  1. Edibles Last Longer

When compared to smoking a joint, the high from edibles lasts much longer – up to 8 hours. Smoking weed may affect you quicker but your high will wear off after about 4 hours. Weed gets metabolized to different degrees by different parts of your body; this all depends on the way in which you let it enter your system. I have no doubt that suppository weed would probably work the fastest, I must say though – I don’t know about you, but I am never in that much of a hurry to get high. 

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