10 Commercial Kitchen Must-Haves

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Running a restaurant can be a daunting process; more so, when you lack the required tools. For a new restaurant to function optimally, it is crucial to stock up on the relevant kitchen essentials to help make everyday kitchen work a lot less stressful. 

To help you stay on top of your game, we discuss the top ten commercial kitchen must-haves that all restaurants should possess in their culinary arsenal.

1. Commercial Refrigeration Units

Refrigeration units are vital in any commercial setting as they help keep food fresh and prevent it from melting or spoiling. The most common products include under-counter refrigerators, stainless steel refrigerators, glass door refrigerators, pizza, and sandwich prep tables. 

When selecting an ideal refrigeration unit, you need to understand their features and ensure they will prove beneficial to your business. For example, stainless steel refrigerators are easy to clean and provide optimal germ resistance due to the metal’s non-porous nature. 

Unlike glass door refrigerators, its glossy exterior doesn’t catch fingerprints, grease, or stains. Depending on your establishment or kitchen size, a large-scale refrigerator or walk-in cooler is an ideal option for storing bulk inventory. 

Smaller establishments can do with single or double-door refrigerators to keep their produce cooled. Furthermore, always ensure to select commercial refrigerators with a viable warranty not shorter than a year.

2. Deep-Fryer

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A deep fryer opens up many culinary options, such as donuts, churros, fries, or even tempura. Depending on your business’s cuisine options, a deep fryer is a kitchen must-have. When shopping around, commercial kitchen professionals should ensure they factor in the capacity size and temperature range desired. These features can make a difference in the kinds of food you’ll be able to serve your clients and how crisp and savory each dish will be.

3. Professional Kitchen Cutlery

In a professional setting, it is vital to secure a decent set of kitchen knives, including

  • Paring knives
  • Chef’s knives
  • Utility Knives
  • Cleavers
  • Butcher Knives
  • Boning Knives

Each knife has its intended use, which can drastically impact your work performance and quality of food when used correctly. Boning knives, butcher knives, and cleavers work well when dealing with meat. If your establishment focuses on seafood delicacies, a proper seafood knife can help get the food done.

4. Commercial Grill

Whether your restaurant serves up steaks, pancakes, or appetizing sandwiches, it’s essential to secure a full functioning commercial grill. Most grills comprise of various shapes and sizes. Furthermore, you’ll need to secure a specific type of grill to match your menu. 

If it’s sandwiches, then a commercial griddle is well suited for the job. Griddles can also be used to cook pancakes, tortillas, panini’s, and fish as it doesn’t stick to the griddle’s surface. Grills are perfect for frying steak, burgers, poultry, hot dogs, and also vegetables.

5. Convection Oven

Every kitchen facility in the world has an oven. However, the type of oven can make a difference in the quality of food produced. Convection ovens circulate hot air within its confines, thus cooking food much more evenly and quicker than your standard oven. This is ideal for a busy restaurant setting as it drastically cuts down on time spent cooking.

6. Ice Machines

Ice is an essential commodity in any commercial food business. Aside from complimenting beverages best served cold, ice machines are necessary for creating blending drinks, such as cocktails and smoothies. 

Most contemporary restaurants with a bar utilize under-counter ice makers. Depending on your establishment’s size, you may choose to upgrade to a sizeable countertop ice dispenser for adequate cube and flake ice production.

7. Salamander Broiler

Salamander broilers are an essential kitchen appliance that most reputable food establishments should have. They can fit well above your kitchen countertop without taking up much space. They are perfect for bakeries, pizzerias, and sandwich serving restaurants. 

Furthermore, they allow you to finish cooking your dishes and serve them hot without much ado. Salamander broilers also cook the surface of your meals into an excellent crisp completion. This can help provide sandwiches and casseroles the needed extra color they require.

8. Restaurant Sinks

Commercial restaurant sinks are absolute must-have necessities in all food establishments. In a typical working kitchen, you will require 24/7 access to water for your meal preparation and cleaning of kitchen utensils. More so, they help uphold optimal hygienic standards as employees can wash their hands before and after serving clients. 

When opting to buy a commercial sink, consider choosing stainless steel models. Not only are they rust-resistant, but they are also glossy, tough, and long-lasting. With stainless steel sinks, cleaning them will not be an issue. 

They possess stain-free properties, making it easy to clean. When pots or pans are accidentally dropped, they won’t break the sink unlike ceramic alternatives, making them an ideal choice in a clustered and busy work environment.

9. Utensils

Commercial utensils are vital in any restaurant or food business environment. Stock up on the necessary kitchenware, such as plates, glasses, beer mugs, ladles, spatulas, measuring cups, tongs, spoons, scoops, funnels, and strainers. 

With the correct utensils, your chefs will not be limited in the types of foods they can create. For example, a spatula, whisk, and bowl can ensure the creation of many delicious pastries, such as cakes and pancakes.

10. Pots and Pans

Like any typical kitchen environment, a pot or a pan’s presence is an essential part of the cooking process. Whether you serve Italian, British, French, German, or traditional cuisine, a pot can help bring your dishes to life. When choosing a pot, consider its material before buying. 

Stainless steel pots and pans can be expensive. However, they are durable, rust-resistant, and are long-lasting. Cast aluminum pots and pans are lightweight and possess superior heat conduction than steel pots, thus cooking food much quicker and effectively.

In Summary

As a restaurant owner, it’s essential to gear up the right tools needed to run your business. With our list of 10 commercial kitchen must-haves, your restaurant will be well equipped and ready to serve your customers the exquisite mouth-watering delicacies they deserve.

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