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The Brief and to the Point Guide on How to Start a Restaurant

So you want to start a restaurant. Congratulations!

You’re embarking on an exciting journey that comes with its fair share of challenges. But don’t worry, you’re not alone.

In fact, according to the National Restaurant Association, there are over one million restaurants in the United States. With so many restaurants out there, it’s essential to make sure yours stands out from the crowd.

But how? In this guide, we’ll give you some tips and tricks on how to start a restaurant that will help you get ahead of the competition.

Choose a Restaurant Theme and Concept

A theme or concept will be the foundation of your brand and will help you attract the right customers. Not sure where to start?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself that can help you narrow down your options:

  • Do you want your restaurant to be casual or formal?
  • Do you want to serve a specific cuisine or create a unique fusion?
  • What is the overall atmosphere you’re going for?
  • Who is your target market?

Your concept should be something that speaks to you and your passions. Once you’ve settled on a theme or concept, you can start building the rest of your brand.

Create a Budget

Before launching your restaurant, it’s essential to ask yourself: how much does it cost to start a restaurant?

The answer to this question will help you create a budget. It also helps you determine how much money you need to get your business up and running.

Some costs you should consider are rent, kitchen equipment, supplies, labor, and furniture. You will also need to factor in the price of marketing and advertising.

Once you have a good understanding of all the costs involved in launching, you can create a budget. This will ensure that your business is financially viable and that you are not overspending.

Planning and preparation are essential when it comes to starting a restaurant business.

Find the Perfect Location

Whether you’re starting a high-end restaurant or a casual eatery, choose a location that will help you reach your target market. If you’re aiming for an upscale clientele, look for spaces in well-to-do neighborhoods.

For a more relaxed atmosphere, consider areas with lots of foot traffic or near colleges and universities. You want a spot that’s convenient for your target customers and has the right mix of traffic, parking, and public transportation.

Once you’ve found a few potential locations, it’s time to start negotiating with landlords.

Consider the Type of Food You Want to Serve

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s essential to choose a concept that you’re passionate about. Not only will this make the venture more enjoyable for you, but it will also help you build a successful brand.

When customers can tell that you’re excited about what you’re serving, they’ll be more likely to return. Think about what type of foods you love to eat and narrow it down from there.

Now You Know How to Start a Restaurant

Opening a restaurant is a huge undertaking, but with proper planning and execution, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Use this guide as a starting point for your research, and be sure to get the help of professionals if you need it.

Now that you know the basics of how to start a restaurant, it’s time to hit the ground running!

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The Best Haitian Dishes: A Traveler’s Guide

If you’re looking for an authentic Haitian dining experience, look no further! In this article, we will discuss some of the best dishes that Haiti has to offer. From spicy chicken stew to crispy plantains, there is something for everyone on this list. So pack your bags and get ready to explore the delicious world of Haitian cuisine!


Griot is a Haitian dish that is typically made with pork. The pork is marinated in a mixture of lime juice, garlic, and other spices, then fried until it is crispy. Griot is often served with rice and beans or salad.


Pikliz is a Haitian condiment that is made with cabbage, carrots, and chili peppers. It is typically used to spice up dishes such as griot or rice and beans. Pikliz can be purchased at most Haitian grocery stores.

Turtle Stew

Turtle stew is a traditional Haitian dish that is made with turtle meat, vegetables, and spices. The stew is typically cooked for several hours to allow the flavors to meld together. Turtle stew is usually served with rice or plantains.


Plantains are a staple of Haitian cuisine. They can be cooked in many different ways, but are often fried or baked. Plantains are often served as a side dish or as a snack.

Haitian Coffee

Haitian coffee is made with dark roast coffee beans and has a strong, rich flavor. Haitian coffee is typically served black, but milk and sugar can be added to taste. Haitian coffee is available at most grocery stores in Haiti.

Pen Patat

Pen patat is a Haitian, sweet potato pudding dish. It is made with boiled sweet potatoes, milk, sugar, and spices. Pen patat is typically served as a dessert at events like weddings and parties.

Haitian Rum

While not really a dish, Haitian rum is worth mentioning. Haitian rum is made with molasses and has a sweet, unique flavor. Haitian rum can be enjoyed on its own or mixed with other drinks.


Haitian food is a fantastic if somewhat under the radar cuisine in the Caribbean. In fact, the country as a whole has so much to offer that it’s worth learning more about and potentially even visiting.

If you’d like to learn a little more about Haiti and its colorful history, then check out House of Hoodoo by Paul Merlino.

White Bread Vs Brown Bread: The Complete Debate

With the emerging health concerns among people, one of the most important questions is whether you should consume White Bread or Brown Bread. Both are available in the market and it is a common perception that brown bread is more organic and better in terms of health. However, this does not mean that white bread is an unsafe option. In a few ways, there is a requirement for white bread compared to bran bread. Let’s open up the complete debate and evaluate both of these. 

The Key Difference Between White Bread and Brown Bread

The major difference between white bread and brown bread is in their main ingredient. While white bread is made out of wheat, brown bread is made of bran, the outer layer of cereal grain. Due to this difference in the primary ingredient, there are differences in the shape, structure, nutritional content, and other aspects of the two types of breads. However, primarily, you need to evaluate how wheat works with regards to its types (processed and natural) to understand the difference between white bread and brown bread in a better manner.  

Nutritional Content 

Brown bread is completely made out of whole wheat and not processed flour. This is why it has naturally a higher composition of nutritional content. Brown bread has a high amount of Vitamin B-6, Magnesium, Folic Acid, Zinc Copper, Manganese, and Vitamin E as well. However, it has a lower content of calcium. Brown bread has 2.5 grams of protein, 15.4 grams of carbohydrates, 2.5 grams of fiber, and 0.8 grams of fat.

On the other hand, the white bread is made after chemically processing flour with the help of chlorine dioxide, potassium bromate, and benzoyl peroxide. The ultimate outcome of this is a whiter and softer bread. Refined starch is also added to white bread. As a result of all these chemical processes, the white bread loses the fiber content and other vitamin content in it as well. However, due to the addition of refined starch and other chemical changes, there is an increased level of calcium content in the white bread. White Bread has 3.3 grams of protein, 18 grams of carbohydrates, and 1.2 grams of total fat content. There is only 1 gram of fiber in white bread. 

In terms of calorie count, there is hardly any difference between the two. A slice of white bread has 77 calories while a slice of brown bread has 75 calories. This also implies that white bread may not be as damaging to your health as it is perceived. However, generally, brown bread is better in terms of health benefits mainly because it provides an organic source of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in their actual quantity. 

Loaf of baked bread. 

The Taste Difference 

Another key difference between the two is in the taste which is also an important reason why some people would prefer white bread over brown bread. The white bread has been made of refined wheat flour which is why it has a milkier taste and is soft as well. Due to the added refined starch content, the white bread is sweeter than the brown bread. On the other hand, brown bread is prepared from whole wheat which is why it is denser in taste and not as milky or sweet as white bread. 

One of the main reasons why people don’t consume brown bread as much as they consume white bread is because of the taste difference. Many people even find brown bread bitter at times. 

Both Breads Have Different Uses

People make different types of dishes with bread. White bread is the more common variant of bread used to prepare these dishes. For example, French Toast, Sandwiches, and Bread Puddings are usually made with white bread. This is because it is soft and milkier. It helps in preparing a dessert most appropriately. On the other hand, if someone wants bread crumbs, he would be looking for brown bread as it has a crumbly texture. White bread has a better taste which is why it is used in various dishes. Brown bread is only used when someone has specific health concerns that have to be addressed. For example, if you have fiber deficiency, doctors might recommend you increase the consumption of brown bread.

Benefits of White Bread

While it is often perceived as a health hazard, white bread has certain benefits too. 

High Calcium Content

If you consume four slices of white bread every day, you will be consuming 30% of the total required calcium intake per day. As a result, you will have stronger bones and teeth. 

Prebiotic Effect

A major benefit of consuming white bread is that it carries a prebiotic effect. Inside the human body, different types of bacteria help in vital functions and prevent different types of diseases in the human body. When we consume bread, it becomes a source for this bacteria to feed on. As a result of this, the health balance is maintained properly throughout the human body.   

Toasted bread. 

Benefits of Brown Bread

Brown bread may not be that tasty, but it is surely a great substitute for white bread and brings you vital health benefits too. 

Stress-Free Eating

Many people who eat white bread don’t consume it in large quantities mainly because of its high-fat content and chemical ingredients. In the case of brown bread, you can eat it as much as you want because there are no side effects associated with it. The bread is pure from all chemicals which is why higher consumption is also quite beneficial. 

Nutritional Content

From the above comparison, it is quite obvious that brown bread has a higher nutritional content as compared to white bread. It has lower fat content, higher fiber content, higher natural mineral content, and a lower number of calories. 

Studies Associated with Consumption of Bread

Several studies have been conducted with regard to white bread and brown bread. This further clears out the difference as well as helps the consumer in making the right choice in terms of real-life examination of people. 

Studies on White Bread

Studies have been conducted on humans to find out the effect on the health of those who consume white bread. In one study which included 23% men and 77% women, it was found that there was a positive correlation between white bread and WC, BS 120, TG, and SBP.  This study concluded that white breads have an inverse effect on the health of human beings. It could also contribute to the increased level of sugars in the body and increase the risk factors that cause diabetes. 

Several other studies have also concluded the same results concerning the consumption of white bread. All of these studies imply that white bread may not be fatally dangerous or extremely harmful for the human body, yet it does have certain drawbacks and health effects that people need to consider before consuming it. 

Few other studies have suggested that bread is the biggest culprit in salt intake in the United States. Several other reports suggested that 90% of Americans eat more salt than they should and the main reason for this is increased sodium intake due to breads and rolls. This makes up 7% of the salt we eat. 

Studies on Brown Bread

The same study was conducted for white bread, as mentioned above, with 23% men and 77% women. It studied the effect of brown bread on human health. It suggested that brown bread does not have any major drawbacks on the human body which were present in the case of white bread. It was also concluded that whole wheat breads or brown breads do not pose any major risks regarding diabetes. 

A slice of brown bread.

Organic White Bread – A New Concept

In modern times, there are different types of organic white breads as well. Although these breads are white, they don’t have as much chemical exposure and have been made out of certified organic ingredients. As a result of this, you can enjoy the taste of white bread without compromising your health in any way. You can find different types of organic white breads on amazon.com and have them delivered to your doorstep. 


In conclusion, both brown bread and white bread are fine for consumption for an average human being. However, if you are concerned about organic products or you are on specific diets wishing to lose weight, brown bread would be a much healthier option because of its low fat content and reduced exposure to chemicals. However, people without any such concerns can consume white bread as it isn’t extremely dangerous to human health in any way.

Energy Drinks are the New Soda

It’s common knowledge at this point that consumption of sodas, sweet teas, and other high calorie or high sugar beverages is on the decline. The beverage industry has had to make shifts and offer new products that cater to the increasing demand for healthier choices. 

This is no less true when it comes to energy and pre-workout drinks. The energy drink market is soaring and is expected to reach $225 billion worldwide within the next few years. While Red Bull and Monster are still the top selling energy drinks, consumers are demanding that this market also get on board with healthier options. 

At any convenience store today, it’s easy to find energy drinks with little to no sugar, or that have additives like extra caffeine, vitamins, minerals and other athletic boosting ingredients. 

Although the COVID pandemic had a slightly diminishing effect on energy drink and energy shot sales in the height of quarantine, overall the pandemic only increased consumer’s desires to have healthy choices at their fingertips with any kind of beverage. 

Younger consumers tend to be the most health conscious as well as the ones who are most likely to make compulsive energy drink purchases. With this combination, we’re sure to see a continued growth in the variety of choices and growth in the whole energy drink market.

the business of energy drinks

Cooking Over Fire Was Once Everyday Life; It Still Is: Find Out More With Everdure

Cooking made us humans. For most of human history, cooking over the fire was the only way to prepare a meal. According to statistics, over 3 billion people globally still cook over the fire. But guess what? Cooking over the fire hasn’t stopped either in this new generation. 

Heston Blumenthal is the pioneer of multi-sensory cooking, flavor encapsulation, and food pairing. His presence to the public was felt when he came out with unusual recipes, such as bacon and egg ice cream and snail porridge. He is the face behind Everdure. 

Cook Over Fire: Everdure Charcoal Grills 

  1. 4K

The 4K is a prime outdoor grill, smoker, and oven that allows flawless grilling results. It has touch glass controls, Fast Flame IgnitionTM, and a food temperature display. Additionally,  the 4K has internal lights for night cooking and unique airflow control, which guarantees simple temperature control. It has a cool-to-touch exterior with a double-walled heat-insulated body, which shields the outside from reaching extreme temperatures while retaining all generated heat. It also comes with everything you need: 4 x temperature probes, 1 x grill grabber, 1 x water container, 2 x cast iron grills, 1 x grill probe clip, 1 x pizza stone, 1 x charcoal tongs, and 2 x stainless steel grills. 

  1. HUB II

Do you want the ultimate charcoal experience with enhanced control? Try Everdure’s HUB II. This grill is the ultimate outdoor grilling entertainer with a cooking capacity of 506.9in2. The HUB II incorporates the HUB’s impressive power and grilling capabilities with enhanced additional automated touch controls and premium titanium finishings. The HUB II is designed with larger gatherings in mind. It allows you to show off your grilling and entertaining skills. Embers. Flames. Heat. HUB II has an authentic charcoal grilling experience. 

The HUB II is safe and easy for charcoal reloading, has a one-touch built-in rotisserie system, a Fast Flame IgnitionTM system, and has convenient built-in storage. 


Are you looking for a virtually effortless authentic charcoal grilled taste? The FUSION is your #1 solution. You will enjoy an unbeatable charcoal grilling experience with a cooking capacity of 284in2. Its simplicity makes it efficient for both newbies and pros to use it. The FUSION has a bold yet slender design. This BBQ is equipped with a hinged grill making charcoal reloading convenient and straightforward. It also has a built-in rotisserie system, powered by a discrete motor with manual multi-level height adjustment. It has a Fast Flame IgnitionTM system and can be used away from home, as you can lift the grill off its stand and place it on any surface with its freestanding legs. 

  1. CUBE

The CUBE is a convenient and portable charcoal Everdure grill. It is designed for impromptu grilling away from home. It has an integrated food-grade storage tray, bamboo preparation board, and porcelain enamel firebox, making it easy to store your food and tools, set up, cook, and clean responsibly. It also features chrome handles, which keep external heat to a minimum, making it easy to move while cooking. The CUBE has a cooking capacity of 103.9in2. There is an optional Travel Bag that is designed to protect the CUBE. It features a versatile storage compartment and contains a drawstring bag to store used dishes. For more information watch this video. 

Benefits Of Cooking Over Fire With Everdure’s Grills 

  • Flavor – Having your food or meat over the grill for a longer time helps it absorb all the smoke-flavored aroma.
  • Portability – Two of Everdure’s charcoal grills, the CUBE, and the FUSION, are portable; therefore, they can be easily maneuvered around. The HUB II and HUB have two lockable wheels, allowing for easy movement as well. 
  • Easy Maintenance – Everdure’s grills are easy to clean and maintain. 


If you are looking for the best experience cooking over the fire, Everdure is the way to go. The 4K, HUB II, HUB, FUSION, and CUBE will give you the best charcoal experience. Everdure’s range of grills and accessories are available in New Zealand, Europe, the USA, Canada, South Africa, and Asia. 

Check our Everdure’s charcoal range here. 

You can also check out for more information on Amazon. 

Lower Your Grocery Bill With These Food Budgeting Tips From American Hope Resources

Lower Your Grocery Bill With These Food Budgeting Tips From American Hope Resources

With how bad the economy and inflation on the rise, there are certain cases where we need to be on a strict budget and cut back on things. When you have to be on a strict budget, it makes sense to cut back on what you spend at the grocery store. 

Regardless of who you are, we could all use some tips on managing our grocery budget properly to save more money. Shopping for groceries on a budget does not have to mean sacrificing your health. 

It’s all about buying smarter to reduce your monthly food budget further. It’s also relatively simple if you set aside the time. You’d be shocked how easy it is to save money on groceries. by cutting the cost of groceries.

In an interview with American Hope Resources, we will learn how we can reduce our grocery bills.

When choosing between generic food brands and name food brands which saves you more?

When you purchase generic brand foods instead of name brands, you may save 25% on your groceries. Although generic products might not always taste as wonderful as brand names, there are ways to compensate. 

For example, there is no noticeable difference in quality regarding necessities like sugar, salt, wheat, bleach, and many more goods for most individuals. While you may not want to disregard brand name foods entirely, you may start to save money if you can swap generic or no-name goods for brand names.

How can you prevent food wastage?

Instead, use canned or frozen vegetables. It lasts a lot longer and is just as healthy. Preservatives may be washed out of canned goods, and they are safe to eat frozen. Make every effort to avoid purchasing food that you will not consume. Remember that good intentions may sometimes lead to bad zucchini, lettuce, and grapes.

When is the best time to shop?

Timing is important in acquiring a good bargain. According to several experts, grocery shopping on Wednesdays is less expensive. This is because supermarkets refill their shelves in the middle of the week and mark down everything that didn’t sell the week before. 

However, since they are in the process of adjusting the discounts, they may still offer you the discounts from the previous week’s sale. If you can’t make it on a Wednesday, try to avoid weekends. More people equals fewer deals.

When it comes to discounts, the time of day is also essential. Early birds get first picks on the bargain racks! So if you’re a night owl, shopping immediately before closing time, when shops and outlets are attempting to clear out their stock, is another wonderful opportunity to snag significant savings.

Are things cheaper in the farm market?

At a farmers’ market, not everything will be cheaper. However, most farmers do not want to take their produce home at the end of the day. 

So go to your local farmers market after it closes and see what discounts you can find. For example, make a fair offer for the fruit box they’ve left. You’ll almost certainly save money on lovely fresh fruits and vegetables.

What is the best payment method?

When utilizing credit and debit cards, people tend to spend more money. Using cash might make it simpler to keep to your monthly shopping budget. Switching from cards to cash may be easy with the cash envelope budgeting approach.

This is where you place specific quantities of cash to pay your bills in designated envelopes. For example, you may keep a separate envelope for your monthly grocery. This makes it easier to adhere to your budget and avoid overpaying.

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Best Woods For Wood Fired Ovens

When choosing the wood for your wood-fired oven, you’ll want to start with hardwoods. There are three main types of hardwood: Hickory, Alder, and Pecan. Each one has unique properties that make them great for cooking and baking. Listed below are details on each type. These are the most popular woods to use for wood oven cooking you can check also cherry firewood for sale as the best additional option. In addition, these hardwoods are easy to find and are reasonably priced.


When it comes to burning wood in your oven, the species you choose will depend on your preferences. You can burn hardwood, softwood, or a combination of both. Hardwood is denser and produces more heat per unit of volume than softwood, but it is also more expensive and hard to find. It is also recommended to avoid pressure-treated, painted, or laminated wood. In addition, make sure to choose wood without bark. Bark can ignite and cause a flare-up.

Once you have selected your desired wood for your oven, you should have it dried in a kiln. If you have a shed or garage, you can use this to dry the wood. You can also purchase fireproof gloves to protect your hands from the heat. Fireproof gloves are also helpful when picking up wood. The heat from a wood fire oven can be quite intense, so gloves are highly recommended to avoid burns.


Hickory wood gives food a deliciously smoky flavor. It is difficult to light, but it will burn for a long time, making it an excellent choice for slow-smoking meat and large cuts of meat. Its flavor is similar to oak wood’s, so it pairs well with other hickory woods. It also produces a slightly sweet smoke flavor, making it an excellent choice for cooking steaks.

Before adding wood to your oven, it is important to check the moisture content. The right moisture level for starting a fire is about fifteen to twenty percent. Make sure the wood is properly kiln dried or naturally dried. You’ll also want to make sure it is protected from the weather. Moisture meters can help you determine the moisture content of the wood. Keep them handy. If you have a fire extinguisher, it’s especially important to buy kiln-dried wood.


Applewood is another type of hardwood that’s excellent for a wood-fired oven. It’s also hard and holds heat well, and burns for a long time. Unfortunately, Applewood is not readily available and is also expensive. It also gives off a nutty aroma. To find the right kind of wood for your oven, you’ll need to follow some simple tips. Here are a few of them.

Alder is a medium-heat wood with a mellow, sweet aroma. It can be used with other woods to create custom flavors. It’s excellent for fish, poultry, lamb, and sausage, and it produces good charcoal. Although it burns quickly, it’s not the best wood for the oven because it can stain your skin and clothes orange. Always use protective gloves when handling wood, as the wood can be toxic.


Among all woods for your oven, oak is a popular choice. It burns slowly and offers a distinctive aroma. It is great for cooking pork, beef, lamb, and ribs and complements most meat seasonings. Pecan trees, native to China and Northwest USA, are also good options. They are known for their delicious nuts and are particularly suitable for cooking fruits, vegetables, and meats.

While you are purchasing wood for your oven, keep in mind the moisture content of the wood. It should have a moisture content of fifteen to twenty percent to ensure a fast fire and effective burn. To be sure, specify if the wood is kiln-dried or naturally dried. It is also important to keep wood in a dry, sealed storage area and avoid exposure to the elements. You can purchase a moisture meter to test the moisture content of the wood.


When cooking meat in a wood-fired oven, mesquite is an essential ingredient. This wood is high in lignin, which gives it a smokey flavor and color. The opposite of mild alder wood, mesquite adds a distinct flavor to smoked meats. It also emits sparks as it burns. Although this wood takes a little longer to cure than alder, it is well worth the wait.

While oak is the most common wood for wood-fired ovens, mesquite is often the best choice for cooking meats and roasted vegetables. This is because it burns the longest and produces the most fragrant smoke. The most popular meats to cook with mesquite include beef, pork shoulder, lamb, and ribs. Peach, a native of Northwest China, is a milder wood but still produces a sweet taste.

Celebrate National Burger Day with Shake Shack at ICON Park Orlando 

Let’s face it, there’s nothing like biting into a good American burger. And when that burger is made using top-quality ingredients and is crafted with true epicurean skill, the experience can be transcendent. Renowned for their Shackburgers, Shake Shack has been perfecting something new. After teaming up with premium bourbon distillers Maker’s Mark, they added smoked bacon to the complex bourbon to create a jam that’s both savory and sweet, packing the right amount of heat and smoke. Their classic burger (single or double) is topped with jam, aged white cheddar, and crispy shallots, and served on a potato bun. This burger has been six years in the making, and to show it off, Shake Shack will proudly serve it up at ICON Park Orlando.

May 28 is National Burger Day and there’s no better way to celebrate than at ICON Park Orlando. With entertainment spread across 20 acres on Independence Drive in the heart of Orlando’s entertainment district, there’s always more fun to be had. There are no gates at ICON Park, and admission and parking is free. There’s always more to explore at the entertainment venue. With over 40 restaurants and a plethora of boutiques, there’s something for everyone. It’s the perfect base for visiting such popular attractions as Sea Life Orlando Aquarium, Madame Tussauds Orlando, and Arcade City. 

ICON Park features the very best spot for seeing all of Orlando and beyond: The Wheel. It’s 40 stories high and lit up in different color displays, and The Wheel will seamlessly lift you 400 feet into the air, where you’ll be able to view Cape Canaveral, downtown Orlando, Disney World, Universal Studios and more, all from an air-conditioned capsule. You can reserve a capsule for groups of up to 10. Buy your tickets in advance for one of Orlando’s most popular attractions. Packages including tickets to The Wheel and other attractions are available, as are options to sip champagne on your journey into the heights for a one-of-a-kind bird’s-eye view of Orlando.

At the base of The Wheel, ICON Park features the Wheelhouse Market Food Hall, which not only has a wide range of dining options, but also In The Game, featuring:

— Games and prizes

— Mirror Maze

— Escape Room

— 7D Motion Theater

— Virtual Reality

It’s the perfect family-friendly arcade and game room. There’s even a Build-A-Bear Workshop at ICON Park for the kids. And if you’ve got little ones, or want to get in touch with your inner child, check out the Pearl Express Train. ICON Park Orlando is excellent fun for the whole family. But there’s much more to ICON Park, with live music, romantic dining options, and the light-festooned brick promenade, making it the perfect day (and night) out for everyone. The Tin Roof and country superstar Blake Shelton’s Ole Red Orlando are ideal places to enjoy some nightlife.

Popular with tourists and locals alike, Tin & Taco has been a must-go Mexican spot in Orlando for some time, while Sloppy Joe’s offers a taste of the Florida Keys. Those are just a few of the local favorites that ICON Park offers. But you’ll want to mark your calendar for May 28 if you’ve been hankering for one of those Shake Shack burgers. Pricing starts at $8.49. Intrigued by that bacon bourbon jam but not a burger fan? Shake Shack has crafted a crispy chicken version, with the Maker’s Mark Bourbon bacon jam, aged white cheddar, and pickles on a potato bun, starting at $8.09. Of course, you can’t forget about the shakes. This May, the Shack will feature several special flavors, including Oreo funnel cake, chocolate churro, and chocolate pie. Or check out the seasonal lemonades if you prefer something lighter to wash down your burger. Just remember, ICON Park’s brick promenade is the perfect spot for an after-burger stroll and some casual shopping.

While the Bourbon Bacon Cheddar Burger and Bourbon Bacon Cheddar Chicken Sandwich will only be available for a limited time, they are currently available at Shack Shack at ICON Park Orlando. Plan a party, celebration, or group event at ICON Park and order food for everyone at Shake Shack. So many fun activities, so much to see, and excellent food means everyone will have a great time. As you’re creating the perfect Orlando memories, take pictures and tag #ICONPark on social media. A good burger is worth remembering, and the Bourbon Bacon Cheddar Burger is one you won’t forget anytime soon. 

How to Fillet a Fish Like a Pro

Few things in life are as enjoyable as reeling in a big fish, whether it’s a trout on the river or yellowtail off the coast. While most anglers simply enjoy the thrill and toss their catch back into the water, the most satisfaction comes when you get to eat a freshly caught fish.

When you catch smaller fish, it’s almost never worth it to fillet them. Scaling them and cooking them whole is the way to go. 

But learning to filet a fish is important if you plan to bring home larger species of fish. Cooking up a filet of salmon, tuna, trout, or any number of saltwater species is a valuable skill to have.

Keep reading below to learn how to filet a fish with ease so that you can cook and enjoy fresh fish more often. 

Get the Right Gear

The first and most important step to filet a fish is to buy the right gear for the job. The most important is a proper filet knife. You cannot use any other type of knife unless you want to do a terrible job and put for fingers at risk.

Fillet knives have elongated blades. They are curved. And they are very thin, make sure they can bend and maneuver around fish bones with ease.

They also have to be extremely sharp, in order to cut through the flesh without having to push too hard. This keeps your filets in good condition, without having to saw back and forth and mess up your filet. 

Most fishermen who like to cook their catch will buy a knife set that has different sized-blades for different sized fish. 

Aside from a quality knife or two, you’ll want good cutting boards. You can descale a fish using any number of kitchen utensils, like a spoon or the back of the knife. But spending a couple of bucks on a fish descaler is worth it.

Or, if you cook a lot of fish, investing in an electric fish descaler will be one of the best investments you make. You can remove all of the scales in seconds with minimal effort. 

If you plan to freeze some of your fillets for later, you’ll want to have a vacuum sealer. These are quite affordable and will seal each fillet in plastic, sucking out all air and excess moisture. 

Prep the Fish After Catching It

Let’s rewind a bit. If you want your fish to taste good, you need to handle it properly from the moment you catch it. First off, it’s best to kill the fish right away, as opposed to letting it suffocate in the cooler.

Killing it quickly will stop adrenaline from surging throughout the fish, which can affect the quality of the meat.

You also want to bleed the fish right away to keep the blood out of the meat while you finish your day of fishing. To bleed the fish, just insert a small, sharp knife under the gill plate and make a cutting motion. Also, pull the head back to snap the spinal cord. 

Place the fish into the water to let the blood drain out, either in a catch well, cooler, or on a stringer in the lake. 

By removing the blood now, filleting a fish later will be much cleaner and easier. 

Gut the Fish

You need to remove the fish’s cuts before you start filleting the fish. Otherwise, you run the risk of bursting the stomach and spilling its contents on your fresh meat.

You can either gut the fish in the water after you catch it, or do it at home before filleting it.

To remove the guts, insert a sharp knife on the bottom of the fish, right at the tail. Slide it along the body towards the head.

Stick your hand inside to pull out the entrails in one strong swipe motion and toss them into the trash. Rinse out the cavity to remove any other remains. 

Learning to Fillet a Fish

With blood drained, scales taken off, and guts removed, you’re ready to fillet your fish and get it ready to cook. 

The easiest way to fillet a fish is to start by inserting your knife under the fin (just behind the gills). Cut in at an angle to get through the meat, but don’t go too far that you cut into the ribcage.

With the knife inserted, turn it and start moving it away from the head and towards the tail. The goal is to cut as close to the bone as you can to get the most meat. 

So use the ribcage as a guide for your knife. Just follow the bones as you make your way to the tail.

Before you completely sever the fillet from the body, remove the knife. If you want to remove the skin from the fillet, now is the time to do it. 

Flip the fillet so that the skin is down against the cutting board, but still attached to the body. Starting from the tail, gently insert your knife between the meat and the skin, and slide it across to separate the fillet from the skin.

Turn the fish over and repeat the process for the other fillet. 

It takes practice to efficiently remove fillets without damaging them. It’s also quite a bit different from smaller fish to larger fish. 

Removing Bones from Your Fillet

Regardless of how good your filleting skills are, you’re going to be left with the pin bones running through the center of your meat.

Some people will use sturdy tweezers to pull them out before cooking. Others will make an additional cut, cutting out the long section of bones.

On smaller fish, the bones soften while cooking and you might not mind eating them, or at least picking them out of your teeth. 

Catch and Cook Today

It’s not that hard to fillet a fish. Like almost any skill, it’s one that needs to be practiced before it becomes second nature.

After a few fish, though, you’ll discover the fastest way to filet a fish for your preferred species.

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8 Successful Tips to Help a Local Food Restaurant Thrive

A restaurant business needs to come up with a plan to survive against the tough competition. It must know its customers’ needs and develop effective visual communication.

If you are not able to catch the attention of your customers, chances are that your restaurant will close its doors. Most of the time, businesses fail to survive as they do not engage with their customers.

1. Know Your Concept and Hire a Chef That Can Make it Happen

Before you hire a new chef, make sure that they have the necessary experience and skills to prepare the best possible food for your customers. Having a well-trained and experienced chef will allow you to attract more customers. Having the right chef will also help you attract more potential customers.

2. Have Enough Cash Reserves

Many restaurant owners fail to survive due to a sudden drop in their business. This usually happens during the off-seasons, and the owners close their establishments immediately.

To avoid this, restaurant owners must plan their capital expenses for the next few months. This will allow them to invest in the necessary equipment and software needed to operate their establishments efficiently.

New restaurant owners usually take about eight to nine months before they break even. Having enough money set aside will allow them to wait and see if their business will continue to grow.

3. Use Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is a strategy that enables businesses to interact with their customers in a way that’s authentic and engaging. This type of marketing allows customers to get a deeper understanding of the company’s brand.

With the right combination of senses, restaurants can create memorable experiences for their customers. Ideas of experiential marketing include food sampling events, musical performances, wine tastings, and cooking classes.

4. Create a Memorable Logo

A well-designed logo can help build a strong brand identity for your restaurant. It can also help you communicate your message to your potential customers.

The logo should not only represent your restaurant’s concept, but it should also be free of unnecessary elements such as images of dishes and a chef’s hat. Your logo will be used by your restaurant to drive traffic and build a solid customer base.

5. Create Unique Menu Cards

Your restaurant’s menu card is the first thing people see when they enter your establishment. It provides information about the various services and products that your restaurant offers.

A well-designed menu card can help potential customers make an informed decision when it comes to ordering food. It can also help them visualize the restaurant’s offerings.

One of the most important factors that you should consider when it comes to designing a menu card is the structure of the information. Having a well-organized menu can help you create unique and effective designs.

6. Have a Nice Website

Having a well-designed website is important for your restaurant as it can help potential customers easily book a table in your establishment. A good website can also help you retain and attract more potential customers.

Make sure that the website is user-friendly. Having the necessary information about your restaurant can help potential customers navigate through your website. Some of the most important features that your website should include are your contact information, menu, and event details.

7. Use Social Media

One of the most effective ways to promote your restaurant is through social media. Having a well-designed and effective social media page can help you reach out to your potential customers.

To effectively promote your restaurant, start posting relevant content on your social media page. It should regularly send out updates about new developments and the various services that your establishment provides.

8. Invest in Your Guests

Treating your customers as guests is important for you as it will allow you to build a solid customer base. One of the most important factors that you should consider when it comes to investing in your restaurant is the purchase of equipment that will allow you to provide better service.

Being adaptable and flexible can help you keep your restaurant running smoothly even during times of economic uncertainty. Having the necessary equipment and keeping your customers informed can help you grow and become successful.