What Channel Is Food Network on DirecTV

Food Network channel is widely popular. It’s been part of many people’s day to day lives since 1993. Although there’s no reason to watch Food network. When you decide to cut cable and move onto streaming, you’ll realize that watching your favorite shows may be more work than you expected. However, there are a few ways to stream your favorite TV shows.

 Food Network on DirecTV is Channel 231.

Food Network is a cable TV channel that airs show about food and cooking. The Food Network was started in 1993, and it has grown to be one of the most popular networks in America today. There are many shows on food network, but the most popular one is Chopped, which features contestants competing against each other in various types of cooking challenges. The winner gets $10,000, but more importantly, they get bragging rights for being the best chef in town!

DirecTV is a satellite television provider that offers customers access to hundreds of channels via their satellite dish. If you’re looking for something to watch during dinner tonight, why not turn on Food Network and see what’s on?

You can find food network on DirecTV in the Entertainment Package for $10/month. It is channel 231 on DirecTV. You can also get it in HD for $5 more per month.

In addition to the basic package, there is an HD+ tier that costs $20 per month and includes over 50 channels in HD. You can also add HBO for $10/month and Cinemax for $15/month.

Another option is to subscribe to DirecTV’s All-Inclusive package, which includes all premium channels like HBO, Showtime, Starz and Cinemax as well as all regular channels. The price of this package varies depending on which television provider you use (AT&T, Verizon or U-Verse). However, some providers offer this package at a discount when bundled with other services like internet or phone service.

 DIRECTV Channel Number

Food Network is a television channel that airs the best in food and cooking programming, including hundreds of episodes of popular series like Chopped, Guy’s Grocery Games, Barefoot Contessa and more. The Food Network also features original shows like Beat Bobby Flay, Cutthroat Kitchen, Restaurant Impossible and more.

Food Network was first launched as a standalone 24-hour cable network on November 22nd 1993. The network aired early morning infomercials until 6am ET when it began programming with an episode of Emeril Live followed by a one-hour special called Breakfast with the Food Network Chefs. It wasn’t until January 1st, 1995, that the network started to air full time with shows like Good Eats, Emeril Live and Sara’s Secrets. At this point in time there were only 3 million subscribers for the channel which was owned by Scripps Howard Broadcasting Company who also owned HGTV at the time.

Food Network is available in the following packages:

  • Package Name
  • DirecTV Package Name
  • Channels Included
  • Best of Live TV – Includes Food Network, HGTV, DIY and Travel Channel. This package has 550 channels.
  • Live a Little – Includes Food Network, HGTV and Travel Channel. This package has 350 channels.
  • Just Right – Includes Food Network and HGTV. This package has 185 channels.

 DirecTV Standard Definition channel number

DirecTV Standard Definition channel number:

If you have DirecTV and want to watch Food Network, you need to tune in to channel 236. Here is the full list of DirecTV channels by number.

  • DirecTV Channel List
  • This page contains a complete listing of all DirecTV channels and their corresponding channel numbers.
  • Food Network is on DirecTV channel 247. This channel can be found in the following packages:
  • Select Package
  • Ultimate Package
  • Choice Package
  • Live a Little Package
  • Extra Package

 DIRECTV HD Channel Number

Food Network is on channel 183 in standard definition and channel 563 in high definition.

DirecTV satellite subscribers can watch Food Network on their televisions, computer screens or mobile devices. The Food Network website provides a list of apps that can be downloaded to smartphones and tablets for accessing live streaming video of shows.

Here’s a list of DirecTV HD channels, and their corresponding channel numbers.

  • Channel Number
  • 101 – HBO
  • 102 – Cinemax1
  • 103 – Cinemax2
  • 104 – HBO Comedy
  • 105 – HBO Zone/HBO Plus 2/Max2
  • 106 – Starz! Cinema/ Encore Plus /Starz! /Encore Action/Encore Black Starz!/Encore Westerns/Starz! Showcase/Starz! Suspense/Starz! Family Movie Channel/Starz! Kids & Family Movies/Starz! Kids & Family HD
  • 107 – Starz! Kids & Family HD
  • 108 – Starz! Kids & Family HD

 DIRECTV on Demand Channel Number

DirecTV is a satellite television service that provides digital television and audio programming to subscribers. DirecTV operates in the United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

DirecTV offers several subscription packages, including basic and premium packages with hundreds of channels. The company also offers a streaming service called DirecTV Now that can be used on mobile devices and computers.

  • DirecTV Channel Numbers

DirecTV provides several channels on its satellite TV service and DirecTV Now streaming service:

Channel Number DirecTV HD channel number DirecTV on Demand channel number

  • 1 ABC 1 1-800-369-4451
  • 2 NBC 4 2-800-369-4451
  • 3 CBS 3 3-800-369-4451
  • 4 FOX 5 4-800-369-4451
  • 5 PBS 6 5-800-369-4451
  • 6 CW 11 6-800-369-4451
  • 7 My Network TV 8 7 877 838 9999 or 1 800 397 4020 (toll free)


It seems that the solution to finding Food Network on DirecTV is to call customer service. They can tell you the channel number, and if they know you are calling because you are a DirecTV subscriber, they may even update your channel lineup automatically.

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