Here we are in 2022, and it’s safe to say the past few years have brought a lot of change for many of us. Between the pandemic, inflation, and just a generally busy lifestyle, many of us are working remotely, going out less frequently, and not seeing our friends and families as often. While this can lead to feeling isolated, you don’t have to let this phase of life affect your social life and wellbeing. Here are some ways you can stay connected in 2022, even if you are at home.

Social Media

Most of us have some form of social media, but are you using it as efficiently as you could? Social media is a wonderful way to connect with friends (both old and new) and family. If you think beyond Facebook, there are a lot of options for ways you can connect. Facebook is wonderful for sending messages, following along with people’s posts, and maybe stalking some old connections, but if you haven’t already, consider branching out to other forms of social media. For example, Instagram is a wonderful tool to use to share and view images from friends’ and family members’ lives. It lets you get a quick snapshot of highlights in your loved ones’ lives. TikTok is a popular app right now that allows you to share short videos. This is another way to visually share your life with others, and discover what they are up to in their lives! Staying connected via social media doesn’t have to mean spending hours on Facebook – branch out and have some fun!

Use Technology

With the passing years comes a wonderful improvement in technology. Technology makes our lives easier, and makes it easier to connect with others. Social media aside, technology can be so useful in staying connected with others. As many realized during the pandemic when companies began to work remotely, there are other ways to connect with people “face to face” without actually being in person. Yep, I’m talking about video conferencing! My friends and I connected on Zoom during the worst parts of the pandemic for weekly wine nights. You can get your friends and family on board for any type of meeting you’d like – a book club, game night, wine night, the list goes on and on! You have plenty of video conferencing programs to choose from nowadays, so pick your favorite and get to socializing from home.

Give Yourself More Time 

One of the biggest excuses I hear (and admittedly have given) when it comes to bailing on social plans is that there isn’t enough time. We keep our lives so busy with work, kids, household chores, and other necessary tasks that it can sometimes be difficult to do things just for fun. The key to overcoming this is to cut out the things you don’t need to do (or to do yourself) so that you have more time to enjoy your life. Hiring some help, if you are able to, can be a great way to do this! If you spend a lot of time cleaning your house each week, look into household cleaning services to help you out. If you are planning a big move or reorganizing heavy furniture in your home, look into a moving service. So many people in Utah have recommended Movin’ because of their fast and efficient moving services, great reviews, and of course, their 20 years of experience. These residential, senior, commercial, and gun safe movers Salt Lake City, Utah come highly rated and are willing to put in the work and take care of your items as if they were their own, so that you do not have to! 

Make Deliberate Plans

Another one of the main reasons I end up canceling or not making social plans is because I wait until the last minute. As someone who isn’t the best at planning ahead of time, I have had to adjust and become great at planning as my life has become busier. I find that if I don’t make plans with friends and family ahead of time, I will be too tired or too busy to make plans when I actually do have the time to be social. This can be remediated by making plans ahead of time so that you can prepare and be ready to socialize when the time comes. Reach out to your friends and family now, and get to planning! You won’t regret it. 

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