Trying to quit smoking? Try these foods to help you

‘Kicking the butt!’ is a very common statement, which most people are trying to completely apply into their lives. You too must be among the many who are trying to give up smoking. You’ve tried all the alternatives and still nothing has worked? You’ve put in all your desire and dedication and still find yourself smoking the butt? Nicotine always ends up playing a temptress?

If ‘yes’ is your response to all these questions, don’t fret. What if you learnt that one way to quit is to eat? No kidding.

E-cigarette can work wonders if you truly want to quit smoking or try some of the non-addictive foods that help you truly kick the butt of the butts.

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Milk: Milky tales

A calcium rich drink, milk plays as an accomplice for aspiring-quitters. A study was carried out by Dukes University, which showed that smokers who drank milk before smoking detested the taste of their cigarettes.

If you are one of those people who detest drinking milk at all, try this: dip the butt into milk and let it dry. Then try smoking it. You will fling away the cigarette due to the horrid taste it leaves in your mouth. Do this every time before you smoke, so that you develop a negative association with cigarettes.

Citrus Fruits

Vitamin C is a beneficial vitamin to help you cut down on your nicotine cravings. Include oranges, sweet limes, raspberries and blueberries into your diet. These also help in repairing the skin damage caused due to smoking.

Salty foods

When you feel like smoking, what you should focus on is to kill this urge. When something salty touches the tip of your tongue, it mitigates the urge to smoke. Try eating on salty bites before you decide to smoke.

If eating salty foods isn’t your cup of tea, then carry a small box of salt. Lick a little of it using only the tip of your tongue.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Studies have shown as to how omega helps reduce smoking-induced vascular damage, which might even be acute. Arterial stiffness caused due to smoking is also improved through its intake.

Foods such as salmon, flax, soybeans are high in omega-3 fatty acid. Omega-3 also is good for clear skin and healthy hair.


Veggies can help you reduce your nicotine-dependency. But this dependency can only be reduced when you eat veggies on a regular basis. Veggies like celery, cucumber, zucchini, eggplant and bitter gourd help you leave a bitter taste in your mouth if you smoke after eating them. But beware of sweet veggies like corn and peas as these increase your cravings for the butt.

The sugar content in these veggies sends stimulating messages to the brain, which in turn cause the cravings. The bets pick is to nibble on carrots throughout the day- of course while not ignoring your meals.

A study has proved that consuming fruits and vegetables has not only helped cut down on smoking, but also has helped people remain smoke-free. So after all, it’s truly said nothing is impossible, especially when you got healthy food around you.

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