Top 8 Cooking Channels on YouTube You Should Subscribe in 2023

Millions of individuals are hooked on YouTube cooking channels for their daily fix of culinary knowledge and entertainment. Discover a world of creativity, inspirational narratives, and tantalizing visuals by exploring these best YouTube food channels.

Top 8 Cooking Channels on YouTube

#1 Tasty

If you need quick meal ideas or simply looking for culinary entertainment, check out Buzzfeed’s Tasty YouTube channel. They offer a variety of content, from perfecting classic chocolate chip cookies to taking on impressive challenges like baking a 30-pound donut. Tasty has gained viral fame for its recipes and cooking experiments.

#2 Emmymade

Emmymade ranks high on the list for its diverse food content. She has many popular, unique recipes in her arsenal, and even those dishes that were shown in films. The author actively leads TikTok and offers to learn how to cook according to 100-year-old recipes. He has everything from Ukrainian garlic bread to Canadian poutine. Emmy has recorded many short videos that will help you find what you can cook for the evening without too much water.

#3 Gordon Ramsay

Renowned chef Gordon Ramsay is an influence in the culinary world. He has not only gourmet restaurants but also great media fame. You may know him from popular television series like Kitchen Nightmares, Hell’s Kitchen, Hotel Hell, and MasterChef US.

The main feature of Gordon Ramsay is the creation of unique dishes even from simple ingredients. With his recipes, you will be able to surprise everyone, although you will have to spend more time preparing. You will not find so many unique recipes anywhere else.

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#4 Joshua Weissman

Culinary YouTuber Joshua Weissman crafts mouthwatering renditions of beloved dishes on his channel. From delectable Girl Scout cookies to irresistible Wingstop chicken sandwiches, he elevates classic favorites. Furthermore, he indulges in entertaining food comparisons, pitting New York against Italian pizza or American- versus Korean style corn dogs. There are many budget recipes on this channel. You can invest just a couple of dollars and cook yourself spaghetti with meatballs. Expensive? How about cinnamon rolls for just $1. You can also challenge yourself and take part in trials. Your rivals are Brie Larson, Emma Chamberlain, and even his mom.

#5 Babish Culinary Universe

Andrew Rea, also known as Oliver Babish, has created an exceptional culinary YouTube channel called Babish Culinary Universe. This channel presents a combination of traditional recipes in the Basics with Babish series and distinct dishes featured in movies, TV shows, and video games in the Binging with Babish series. In the Babish Culinary Universe, you’ll find an array of options, ranging from classic pasta dishes to meticulously crafted recreations of well-known movie snacks. This unique culinary destination caters to all tastes and preferences.

#6 Bon Appétit

Food enthusiasts are familiar with the renowned Bon Appetit magazine. Recently, they expanded their culinary repertoire by launching an engaging YouTube channel. Through this platform, celebration chefs reveal their expert tips, while also keeping you informed about the latest trends and conducting product reviews. It’s like having a constantly evolving cookbook readily accessible to you. Additionally, you even get a sneak peek into renowned kitchens.

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#7 Peaceful Cuisine

If you’re keen on eco-friendly cooking or vegan recipes, you shouldn’t pass up on Peaceful Cuisine! This channel is dedicated to sharing delightful, planet-conscious recipes, featuring everything from vegan caramel ‘butter’ to matcha sesame balls.

What sets these videos apart is their serene nature. While cooking content often tends to be vibrant and bustling, Ryoya Takashima’s videos provide a serene and almost meditative experience.

#8 Internet Shaquille

Each chef decides for himself who his target audience is: complete beginners or experienced chefs. It’s rare to make a channel that will benefit both categories, but Internet Shaquille has managed to do it. You can find wine appreciation to DIY granola on it or make the perfect pasta. This is an honest channel that will help you learn important aspects of cooking.


Almost everyone cooks food, the only question is quality. If you want to take it to the next level, you need to learn and these YouTube channels are a great source of information. According to their detailed recipes, almost everyone can cook, it’s just a matter of practice.

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