When to Visit the Louisville Farmers Markets

There’s lots to do in little cities like Louisville. The Kentucky hub has been around for decades with a deep and dense culture. One of the more recent events to check out are the farmers markets. The unfortunate thing is, these markets are typically open once a week, for one season. So here is where and when to visit the Louisville Farmers Markets.

Bardstown Road Farmers Market, Beulah Farmers Market, and Eastwood Village Farmers Market. These three markets are some of the few that are open every week of every year. Both Bardstown and Eastown take place each Saturday morning and offer a range of commodities from local artisans and farmers. Beulah Farmers Market is unique in being open on Monday mornings.

Next there are the markets that last all the way into October. Gray Street Farmers Market is open through October 26th and Phoenix Hill NuLu Farmers Market to the 31st. Westport Road Baptist Farmers Market is a market which specializes in tomatoes and also ends in late October. Finally Crescent Hill Farmers Market is open right to the beginning of October.

And to round out the local markets there is Douglass Loop Farmers Market, a market open all the way through December. As well as Beechmont Open Air Market, and St. Matthews Farmers Market, the shortest lived markets, denying access in September. These are some of the most prominent Louisville farmers markets and when to visit them. In terms of start dates, late April and early May are nearly universal.

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