The Ice Cream That’ll Have You Running Back For More

In celebration of National Ice Cream Month, why not enjoy mouthfuls of creamy goodness wrapped in sweet rice dough? Typically referred to as Mochi, these ice cream balls make for the perfect summer snack coming in at only 110 calories per serving. Each ball encases exactly a scoop, perfectly crafted to serve to a group of friends out on the patio. Mochi is also a fun way to celebrate this long standing American tradition especially for ice cream lovers that want to try out something new.

A recent article on discussed how even the world’s pickiest people return to the freezer for another generous helping of this chilled treat. A unique brand that’s been scooping a place out for themselves in grocery store aisles throughout the country is MyMo Mochi thanks to their quality and convenient packaging.

Did you know that United States consumes the most ice cream than any other country in the world? The majority of Americans also keep ice cream in their freezers year-round. On July 22nd (Mango Day), why not enjoy some sweet mango mochi? Visit the MyMo ice cream blog for interesting flavors and tasting ideas, and to see how the sweet taste of premium mango ice cream combined with the tender texture of dough will help anyone soak in the summer. Alternatively, the following day is Vanilla Ice Cream Day – give it that millennial twist by trying out flavors like vanilla bean. Other delicious flavors that may suit your tastes include strawberry, green tea, cookies and cream, double chocolate, and mint chocolate chip.

Eat the mochi straight out of the box or cut them up and use them to dress a variety of desserts from banana splits to ice cream cakes. The best mochi is also made with less air, making it rich both in texture and in flavor. Furthermore, choose a brand you can trust, where the fruit and eggs they use to stabilize are pasteurized using the high-temp/short-time method, killing any adverse bacteria.

Another great aspect of mochi in general is the convenience. When all you have to do is remove the treats from the box and unfreeze, it gives busy people a chance to unwind. You can enjoy them virtually anywhere, even on your way out the door to work, when you’re heading to the gym, even while you’re waiting for the cab to pick you up for an afternoon out. There’s no need to drive to the nearest soda shop every time you get the intense craving for parlor quality ice cream.

If you are ready to take your love of ice cream to a whole new level, mochi can be purchased at a variety of major grocery stores such as Safeway, Whole Foods, Kroger, and Shoprite. Why wait till the ice cream truck comes around the corner before relishing in a delicious treat this July? Instead, try mochi! It’s versatile, it’s fun, it’s shareable, and it’ll help you keep cool during these hot summer days.

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