The Biggest Cause of Weight Gain is Not What You Think

Over the course of the past few decades, public health has started to become a much bigger concern for the people that are currently in power at this point in time. Not only has public health itself become a much bigger issue than it used to be, the way we approach the concept of health has also changed quite a bit, mostly because of the fact that we are starting to understand our bodies a lot more and are realizing that the things we do have an impact on it.

Now, health is not just about medicine and hospitals, it is about personal responsibility as well. The things you eat tend to have a pretty serious impact on how health or unhealthy you end up being at the end of the day. Hence, governments and other entities and organizations ended up telling people what they should be eating if they want to be as healthy as possible, something that was definitely a step in the right direction that helped to shape public discourse to some extent regarding the things that we should be adding to our diets.

However, in the process of trying to ascertain what we should and shouldn’t be eating every day, we ended up making a terrible mistake. We started assuming that weight gain, one of the biggest problems that started occurring in the 20th century, was caused by fat. This was a simple enough mistake to make. After all, if you are getting fat this must be caused by the very nutrient that shares a name with this kind of phenomenon right?

As a result of this fact, people starting cutting down on fatty foods thinking that this was going to prevent them from gaining an enormous amount of weight and thereby harming their health. Fat is definitely not as good for you as other things, but the mistake that we made was equating it with weight gain. Fat can contribute to weight gain but only if it is eaten in extreme amounts, and fat is actually quite important because of the fact that it helps your body stay healthy in certain ways. The true culprit of weight gain is something that people thought was not that bad for you at all, something that they consumed so much that they ended up becoming addicted to it.

This thing that has contributed to weight gain so much over the years is sugar. People started gaining a lot of weight in the 20th century, and while it is true that fatty foods started to become more common in that era, after all this is the period of time when fast food started to become a pretty significant part of the way that we consume food on a regular basis, it is also the era that saw the rise of soft drinks. All of the major soft drinks in the world were launched last century, and in our attempts to remove fats from our diets because of the fact that we made a false assumption we ended up missing the true culprit.

People are starting to become more aware of the way that sugar affects their lives now, and they are working on removing it from their diets as much as possible. If you want to remove sugar from your diet, you should know that it is definitely a step in the right direction and will help you enjoy much better health in the long run as well as making it easier for you to stay slim and trim.One thing that you can do in order to avoid sugar is to go for ActivEats. These services are going to offer you healthy alternatives to sugary soft drinks, alternatives that you would be able to use to have a good time without getting fat. When you order fast food it can be difficult to eat healthy because of the fact that you have so many options that are the opposite of that. Using a healthy food service will remove those options from the menu, thereby helping you stick to better alternatives in the long run.

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