The 3 Most Unique Gift Boxes For The Foodie In Your Life

Everybody knows somebody who is obsessed with eating the best foods and drinking the best wines. Getting gifts for them is quite easy when the holidays come around. Just get them a good bottle of wine or a gift certificate to a fine restaurant. However, sometimes the ordinary gift is not enough and you want to get them something different.

This is when things get tricky when it comes to buying the right gift. It isn’t easy to surprise a foodie so you may get stuck in the analysis paralysis mode of gift-giving. Giving them a gift box or subscription box as a gift is a great way to surprise them. In this article, we will give you several ideas of gift boxes that revolve around food that they will love. 

1 – Dietary restriction minded

Your foodie friend may love food but not be able to eat everything due to dietary restrictions. For instance, there are religious considerations that restrict some of the things people can eat notwithstanding their love of food. Muslims and Jewish people can’t eat pork for instance. And Christians usually give up something like meat or sweets during Lent. 

If you plan to give a food-based gift box then make sure that you keep this in mind. Luckily, there are a number of ways to be careful about this and still give a gift any foodie will love. Purim gift baskets, for instance, will go over great with your Jewish foodie friend that wants to respect the holidays. 

There are also plenty of vegan subscription gift boxes and even ones for Keto diets. Basically, you don’t have to be limited to buying the perfect gift box if your foodie loved one has certain things they cannot eat. 

2 – Charcuterie

It wasn’t long ago when people were going crazy over bacon of the month clubs. These days that idea has evolved to include charcuterie of every type that comes in a box to their house every month. 

There are subscriptions that will send along different countries’ cured meat specialties every month. They will include things like prosciutto and mortadella in an Italian month and jambon and saucisse from France. 

This is a great way to try a lot of different types of charcuterie and learn something at the same time since they will no doubt get some interesting items that they had never tried before. 

3 – International snacks

There are a lot of popular Youtube videos out in which people try strange snacks from different countries. It might not be obvious, but there are a lot of snacks that would be absolutely foreign to many outside their country. 

Trying snacks from Japan, for instance, can be a tasty experience with a lot of unique flavors. It is a great way to experience something completely different to eat snacks that they could never have imagined existed. Every month they can get snacks from a different country or different types of snacks from the same country.

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