Virginia is a culturally and resource rich state that has so much to offer. With the Fresh Food Movement sweeping the nation, thousands of people are moving to Richmond, VA to find the freshest organic produce. Virginia has a wide range of organic farms that deliver some of the best tasting food in the country. Even organizations dedicated to bring the farm to the table are teaching us how to eat healthier.

What is Organic Food?

Organic food is a relatively new idea that picked up traction in the 90s and early turn of the century.  While technically all food is “organic” meaning that it comes from, and is comprised of living matter, there is a very different definition when it comes to the food we eat.

According to the USDA, organic food must meet these qualifications:

  • Prohibition of the use of chemical fertilizers, irradiation, various synthetic substances, sewage sludge, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the production of food.
  • Prohibition of synthetic hormone and/or antibiotics use in raising of organic meat and poultry.
  • The feed must be 100% organic feed in order to be considered organic livestock.

Places to Find Organic Food

One of the great things about the organic movement is the support of local farms and communities. Richmond has a long history of agriculture, dating all the way back to the original colonists. The areas around Richmond are known for their beef, pork, and meats, as well as their vegetables. Here are a few places that are a great place for any organic food lover.

Sunnyside Up Farms- This farm produces some of the most delicious pastured chickens during the 6 warmest months of the year. They also product turkeys for Thanksgiving, geese for Christmas, as well as pork and veal. All of the feed is hormone and antibiotic free.

Brittany Farms- This farm, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, produces grass fed beef. This is a family owned farm that has not used herbicides for decades. All beef is vaccinated and wormed regularly, and are fenced in without the use of barbs. There are no steroids or other synthetic growth promotes.

Dragonfly Farms- This is a small family farm in Beaverdam. The specialized in Angus beef but also offer a wide range of products such as hay, vegetables, eggs, and beef sticks. All beef is naturally raised without the use of hormones and steroids. The family has a background in horticulture which gives them an advantage in feeding their cattle. They make many of their products available at local farmer’s markets.

Get out there and try it

When people eat organic food they notice an immediate difference in the superior taste and texture of organically grown food. But the real benefits of eating organic food come weeks, months, and years of extended use. Many people notice health improvements, such as decreased levels of anxiety and allergies. You will feel more energized and will most likely lose weight. You will do all this while supporting your local Virginia farms.

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