How to Make Breaded Chicken? Find out How it’s Done by the World’s Best!

Crispy chicken breading mix, juicy meat, appetizing aroma and flavor… Everyone probably knows what breaded chicken should look and taste like. However, not everyone knows how to prepare it. If you run a restaurant, snack bar or other catering establishment and would like to serve American-style chicken, we have some useful tips for you. Find out what is the secret to crispy chicken coating and how to make breaded chicken. It’s really easy!

Crispy chicken coating – a distinctive feature of American-style chicken

American-style chicken is characterized by its coating – golden, crispy, and crunchy. The appearance is delightful. It has a pleasant crispness and taste, and sticks well to the meat. Just the sight of it makes our taste buds go wild. There are dozens of recipes for such a crispy, golden and crunchy coating. Which one guarantees the best result?

Crispy chicken coating – the best way to get the right crispness

How do you get that appetizing crispy, breaded effect we know from popular chain chicken restaurants? Surely you’ve heard of ways to bread your chicken to make it crispy and golden.  Some suggest using cornflakes for coating, while others opt for breadcrumbs and polenta. However, the result is never truly satisfying. So how do you make breaded chicken that is just like the ones from KFC?

Ready-made coating – a solution that works for any catering establishment

The secret to preparing American-style chicken is to use the right coating. By far the best choice is a ready-made coating. Coating for restaurants is a solution that guarantees the convenient use of the product and satisfactory results. The ready-made coating is an ideally selected composition of ingredients, thanks to which the breaded chicken coating achieves an appetizing golden color and perfectly crunchy structure during frying.

How to make breaded chicken?

Preparing American-style chicken with the help of a ready-made coating for restaurants is extremely easy and convenient. You don’t have to prepare the coating yourself – it is enough to coat the sliced and marinated chicken in the ready-made product. It is worth paying attention to the manufacturer’s instructions for breading – following the breading process according to the instructions will not only guarantee the desired result the first time but will allow every kitchen worker to prepare a chicken dish that is just as tasty and appetizing.

Chicken – always juicy and crispy

The use of ready-made solutions dedicated to catering offers many advantages. It makes it possible to eliminate failures due to inadequate selection of ingredients, wrong proportions, or insufficient quality of the ingredients. Ready-made coating guarantees both high quality of the product itself and reproducibility – so desirable in the catering industry. When preparing breaded chicken dishes, opt for tried and tested solutions. And serve your chicken like the professionals.

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