A Guide To Keeping Your Bathroom Clean

We all know that keeping our bathrooms clean is essential. However, it’s not always easy, especially if you live with more than one other person. Don’t worry, below, you can find a few helpful tips that could make the whole process much easier. 

Regularly Wipe Down All Of The Surfaces 

One of the best ways for you to keep on top of things is to wipe down all of the surfaces. From time to time, surfaces can become a little dirty. This is the case even if you have a shower purification system or filtered water that comes from your faucets. 

Scrub Your Bathroom Every Week 

It goes without saying that you may not want to scrub your bathroom every week. However, when you do:

  • It can help to prevent the build-up of dirt and limescale 
  • It can help your bathroom to look better 
  • Doing so can help to prevent your bathroom from smelling 
  • Doing so can make your bathroom a much more pleasant place to be

Try to put aside some time each week to scrub your bathroom. You may not always have enough time to do a thorough job. However, even a quick scrub is better than none. 

Ask For Help From Those You Live With 

Asking for help from those you live with can ensure your bathroom stays much cleaner.

If you only live with children and teenagers ask them to do minor tasks. 

You could ask them to empty the trash or wipe a few sides down. 

If you live with adults, consider taking turns cleaning the bathroom. 

Alternatively, you could split the tasks up between you. 

Wipe Away The Limescale From Glass Surfaces 

Limescale can build up and make glass surfaces look dirty. Wipe away limescale and dirt as soon as you spot it. 

Clean The Shower Curtain Regularly 

A lot of people forget to clean the shower curtain regularly. However, when you do it can help to:

  • Keep your shower curtain looking good
  • Ensure you spot any mold or dirt on the shower curtain
  • Help your whole bathroom to look much cleaner 
  • Ensure you feel happier and more comfortable each time you have a shower 

Be sure to replace a shower curtain if it becomes soiled or moldy. When you do, your whole bathroom can look better for it. 

Clean The Lavatory Regularly 

Regardless of how many lavatories you have in your home, they need regular cleaning

Most people don’t like cleaning lavatories, however, it just has to be done. 

Wipe down the toilet seat with some wipes so it’s cleaner.

When you have used the toilet brush to clean the inside of your toilet, remember to clean it too. 

Use some disinfectant to clean the toilet brush.

Don’t forget to clean the toilet brush holder.

Clean your lavatories at least once a week so they don’t become very dirty. 

Don’t Forget The Bathroom Floor 

The bathroom floor may get dirtier than you think. This is why it makes sense for you to clean it at least once a week. 

Try not to wait until your bathroom floor looks dirty before you clean it. If you do, it can become stained and look old. 

Clean your bathroom floor every time you clean the rest of your bathroom. Just be sure that you leave this task until last. You can still potentially make your bathroom floor dirty while you’re cleaning the rest of the room. 

Clean The Bathroom Fan 

A lot of people forget about the extractor fan in their bathroom until it fails to work. 

Cleaning the fan at least once a month can help it to stay in good working order. 

Hire Someone To Do The Work For You 

Hiring someone to clean your bathroom for you can be useful if:

  • You have little to no free time to clean the bathroom yourself
  • The people you live with don’t help you very often, if at all 
  • You have no desire to clean the bathroom yourself
  • You have multiple bathrooms and you struggle to clean them all 

Hiring someone to do the work for you can mean you have a much cleaner bathroom all of the time. Just be aware that hiring a cleaner can be expensive. 

It is possible for you to keep your bathroom clean if you put enough time and effort in. use the tips you can find above to help you to have a bathroom you’re proud of.

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