For Delicious and Healthy Holiday Dishes, Bite into Eastern Black Walnuts

“The Ultimate Nut” Adds Vibrant Flavor, Health Benefits to Every Course


Stockton, MO – October 15, 2001 – Rare is the food that makes
recipes appeal to the entire spectrum of food lovers – from
unapologetic dessert hounds to calorie-conscious health nuts.
But in the American Eastern Black Walnut, chefs and home
gourmets from coast to coast have found that elusive ingredient.
Fall is harvest time for black walnuts, and it’s no coincidence
that as people prepare foods for entertaining, freshly reaped
black walnuts answer two important — and often conflicting –
questions: “What can I make that’s delicious?” and “What can I
make that’s healthy?” Until now, finding a food rich in both
taste and nutrition has been a hard nut to crack.


High in essential nutrients such as magnesium, phosphorus, and
niacin, the American Eastern Black Walnut is native to the
central and southeastern US. While over 93 percent of its fat
is unsaturated — the “good” kind of fat — the real excitement
is found in the nut’s taste. It has a striking, pungent flavor
that electrifies everything from chicken breasts to fudge pie.
In fact, conventional walnut wisdom says anyone who can’t find a
palette-pleasing dish featuring the Eastern Black Walnut is,
well, nuts.


Missouri-based Hammons Products, the leading proponent of black
walnuts in the food industry, celebrates the virtues of “The
Ultimate Nut” at it’s web site, Here
you’ll find a wealth of information about the nut, including
full nutritional information, a surprising list of industrial
uses for nut shells, and perhaps most important, dozens of
recipes for every possible taste, ranging from light salads and sandwiches to desserts to meat and fish entrées — all built around the versatile black walnut.


Article courtesy of: Hammons Products

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