Employment in the food industry

With unemployment reaching a new all-time high recently due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Americans across the country are seeking new employment opportunities both temporarily and indefinitely. Many of those seeking out new work simply don’t know where to start in in which field they would be best suited. Luckily there are resources and help meets that have been created for people in these situations.

One of them is the staffing agency known as scionstaffing.com. They’re a multilevel staffing agency with the purpose of connecting employer in need with an individual seeking out new employment. They offer services and jobs across the spectrum. Whether it be legal work, medical, executive, or entry level management, they have jobs that will suite you.

Today, I will be addressing work found in the food industry, and bring to light some of the temporary work that can be found through this site and sites like it, for those wondering where their next paycheck will come from in these trying times.

Entry Level:

Entry level jobs can range from fast-food employees to bus-boys and servers at non-prestigious dining establishments. Anything that can be done by somebody without secondary education of some sort of certificate that shows an advanced capability or skill set. It’s quite often that these jobs are filled by high school students and college students during the summer when they return home.

Often because of this saturated market, it can be hard to get these jobs depending on the demographic, but when seeking through a staffing agency, they do the hard work for you and provide leverage, contacting the employer first hand, and ensuring that there is a spot open and suitable for you.


As noted before, there are certain establishments that first require the employee to have undergone some sort of secondary education or training. Whether this be culinary school or a simple course on the proper way to wait tables, they would like to know before hand, what your credentials are. 

If this is the case, you would simply put on your resume the other restaurants you’ve worked at and the experience that you’ve obtained in the past. The staffing agency would make sure that whatever job you’re interested in would be a good fit, and you’d be put in contact with the establishment of your choosing.

Because of this, scionstaffing.com stresses how important it is to be honest and open in your resume. They seek to connect employees as well as employers with their desired field. If you lie on your resume, there’s no way for them to tell that you won’t be an adequate worker.


Not only do these agencies have connections for entry and mid-range jobs, but also for that of executive management. This can be temporary or lead to extended amounts of employment depending on the satisfaction of both parties. It also varies between jobs, many of them consist simply of consulting while others could potentially elicit 40 hour weeks.

Regardless of your qualifications or desires, it’s worth the time to visit a staffing agency.

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