Cake Pops: Perfect For Any Occasion

Cake pops has become a rapidly growing sensation in the last few years. It gained interest around 2009 until it became a bakery staple by 2011. From home style bakeries to major coffee and snack bars, cake pops can be seen around the continent in hundreds of flavors, forms and styles. February 1st has been declared National Cake Pop Day giving the indication of just how popular this tasty treat has become.

Cake pops are crumbled cake that has been mixed with icing and rolled into a ball. From there the varieties are endless. The type of cake and the icing design is up to the creator. The creativity of these pops is the only limit to what can be imagined. Much like cake decorating, some of the most unique cake pops have been as much as a treat to look at as they are to eat.

Pops for Parties

Creative websites such as Pinterest have showcased some of the designs that have been made. Many of these are ideal for celebrations and parties. They are bite sized desserts that can also become your party’s centerpiece and main conversation.

For baby showers and birthday parties, cake pops are a great way to serve a dessert that leaves little mess behind. Because they come with their own built in handle, they can be served without a need for slicing. They leave adults hands fairly free to tend to the small children running around without having to put a plate down every time they need to catch or attend to a child. Also for your guests that are in weight watching mode, a small dessert is often more welcome than a large slice of something similar.

Christmas Cake Pops

Christmas is the opposite. Even for those that diet year round, Christmas is a time when all meal plans are cast aside until the New Year. It is a celebration of sweets and treats as much as it is for families and gifts, Christmas is a time when happiness and joy are the main theme of living. As there is often more food than can be fathomed at mealtimes, cake pops bring a welcomed change. Yule logs, Christmas fruit cake, apple pies and ice creams are traditional desserts that become more accustomed than welcomed. Changing the menu with cake pops brings a new festive edge to a gathering and something to leave your guests talking about. The decoration ideas for Christmas cake pops are endless. From Santa and his characters to Christmas balls and decorations, cake pops can be designed to look like just about anything you can conjure in the kitchen.

Cake Pops for the Dead (or Undead)

Halloween, another festive season also shows no shortage of chocolates and sweets but with a different tone to the event. While Christmas is about beauty and peace, Halloween is about disturbing images and the dead. Each though, brings out the appetites in us all. While you may not be able to put a cake pop in a child’s treat bag, nor would you want too. They still make fascinating centerpieces for house parties and gatherings. Are the parents getting together while the children trick or treat? Cake pops make a much more welcomed treat then yet another bowl of miniature chocolates and candies. These finger sized foods are each their own work of art, are easier to eat and have much less cleanup after the party is over. From pumpkins to ghosts, your cake pops can take on a life of their own.

Weddings have seen a large increase in cake pops for decorations and party favors. As these edible showpieces have increased in popularity, so has a brides need to do something unique. They are as customizable as a cake, with twice as many ways to showcase them. Brides have found countless ways to incorporate cake pops into their weddings and bridal showers. From table centerpieces to candy table showcases, guests are always delighted with a finger food that eats and taste like a cake that they love.

The demand for cake pops have exploded over these past few years. This increase in popularity comes from their customizable yet unique designs, the convenient way to serve them and the showcase ability that they have for guests. The next time you plan a social event and need dessert. Ask yourself, how you want to serve your cake? Do you want guests to eat it on a plate or walk around munching on it like a finger food? Join the new wave of serving cake, plateless and convenient, just sit back and watch the show.

This article was written by Karen Wilder, who loves cake pops and makes them or orders them every occasion she can.

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