Preparing a meal is a lot of fun especially if the meal will end up satisfying your taste buds. Pizza franchises have undoubtedly taken over our streets and it is possible to make a simple basic pizza by using bread as the main ingredient. It is environmental friendly, easy to make, takes up very little of your time, and costs less than ordering from a pizza catering firm. There are 8 simple steps that can be used to making a basic pizza out of any type of bread as will be discussed below.


Ingredients that are needed in the process of making a basic pizza using bread are easy to use and available. These include bread (preferably sliced), shredded cheese, tomato sauce or ketchup, salt, sugar and toppings (these could be optional depending on an individual).

Work On the Bread

Take a slice of the bread (preferably Italian or French) and spread evenly the ketchup taking care not to get the slice of bread all soggy. Preferably you could toast the bread a little over the gas cooker or you could use a toaster. This helps to avoid sogginess.

Prepare the Toppings

The most commonly used toppings include sour cream, pepperoni, mushrooms, ham, bacon, pineapple, just to mention a few. Chop the pineapples and bacon into sizeable pieces then mix them up with the others using a wooden spoon.

Prepare the Ingredients

To get perfect results on the basic pizza bread, peel fresh tomatoes, remove the seeds and crush/squeeze them to get the paste out of them. Use a large bowl to mix the cheese, sugar, salt and the tomato paste.

Create the Basic Pizza Bread

Take the prepared ingredients and toppings and lay them out neatly on the bread. The toppings come after the ingredients. For a better finishing, you can sprinkle your favourite kind of cheese on top of the creation to add to the taste of the toppings.

Set the Oven

Baking can be done in the microwave or oven. If you choose to use the oven, make sure you preheat it to at least 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Preheating helps to cook your basic pizza bread at a lower temperature and also prevents it from getting burned at the bottom.


The process of baking the pizza should last for at most ten minutes. While this is happening, make sure to check on it every couple of minutes to ensure the heat is evenly distributed so that one part doesn’t get burned. You will know your pizza is ready when all the cheese has melted and you will hear a bubbling sound.

Set the Table

Place your freshly baked pizza bread at the dining table in a plate and let it cool. Enjoy your sumptuous pizza with a chilled drink.

Pizza need not be made from anything special and complicated. All it takes is any type of bread and you will have a basic pizza which is nothing different to what we get at pizza outlets.

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