4 Healthy Foods to Eat When Trying to Fit Into a Dress

4 Healthy Foods to Eat When Trying to Fit Into a Dress

So you were randomly window shopping the internet or at a storefront and stumbled onto the perfect dress. This particular little number has everything you could possibly want…except for the size. Sensing that the opportunity is too good to pass up, you make the purchase anyway and decide to use this new addition to your wardrobe as a “thinspiration,” something that will encourage you to shave some pounds and keep them off. If you are looking for foods to favor while you work off the weight, look no further!

1- Nuts

Yes, nuts are known to be rich in fat, but not to the point that having them as a snack will stop you from fitting into something nice. More importantly, nuts are a great way to get protein, fiber and healthy fat into your diet; studies have shown that nuts help metabolisms and even contribute to weight loss. The key thing to remember with nuts is to only eat them in moderation.

2- Whole Eggs

While an excess of eggs is going to raise bad cholesterol levels for some, they are also more filling than refined carbs and rich in protein and fat. Multiple studies have shown that relying on eggs for protein helped people to lose weight. One of the most valuable things eggs have to offer is the yolks; almost all of the nutritional merit in an egg is found in the yolk.

3- Salmon

Salmon is a fatty fish that offers a surprisingly high amount of health benefits for its caloric content. A single serving of salmon contains notable amounts of protein, good fat and many nutrients. Seafood of any variety is also a notable source of iodine, a nutrient that is crucial to a properly working thyroid; a good thyroid means an optimal metabolism. The omega-3 fatty acids are one of the most promoted health benefits of salmon and this is because they do wonders for combating the inflammation that influences obesity and metabolic issues. If you are concerned about the tiny bones of salmon, you might want to consider herring, mackerel, sardines or trout to fill the same niche.

4- Boiled Potatoes

While white potatoes seem to be unfashionable, they contain a lot of health benefits. It is worth mentioning that potatoes contain at least a little bit of every nutrient the human body needs to grow; numerous accounts exist of people subsisting on nothing but potatoes for a prolonged period of time to little nutritional detriment. One of the highest nutrients found in spuds would be potassium, one of those nutrients that the average person fails to acquire in sufficient quantities and a known influencer of blood pressure. A system known as the Satiety Index was created to judge how filling different foods were to the human palette; boiled potatoes ranked at the top of its findings; i.e., eat some white boiled taters and you will get full much more quickly than you would with other foods. Now if you want to add even more nutrition to your serving of boiled potatoes, let them cool a bit; as the potatoes cool, fibrous starch will develop-starch helps with weight loss. If you are not too keen on potatoes or would like some variety, other options include sweet potatoes, turnips and any other root vegetable that you can think of.

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