Why Palm Springs Is Home To An Evolving Food Scene

What comes to mind when you think of Palm Springs, California? Wind turbines? Desert? Booze? Situated somewhat in between San Diego and Los Angeles, you might be forgiven for not knowing anything about Palm Springs if you live somewhere else. But residents of the other two cities know it for what it is: a desert resort city where one might go for a little weekend getaway filled with all types of recreation, and perhaps food and drinks above all else.

While people might not first think of the city’s cuisine as a reason to go there, they should not be fooled into thinking it does not have anything to offer. Part of the reason behind the many new food options in Palm Springs is the building of many new hotels. Alongside these new businesses are restaurants and bars trying to carve out a niche in a highly competitive environment. Here are just a few examples of why this remains the case!

  1. Visitors advised to give Truss & Twine a shot would be hard-pressed to find a better restaurant or cocktail bar anywhere in the Coachella Valley. The atmosphere is dark and modern, but you’ll find a variety of cocktail classics based on the era in which you would most likely find them served. Because the management wants you to keep drinking, they mostly serve luxurious appetizers and finger foods designed to make you just a little bit more thirsty. But you won’t mind have your taste buds manipulated, because everything tastes amazing.
  2. Sometimes the name is what first grabs you. Such is the case with the Dead or Alive Bar, which you’ll find in a lesser known strip mall. You might have trouble finding the place at all, which is part of what adds to the charm. There’s no sign, and the website is sprinkled with some strangely unhelpful details. Inside, though, you’ll find one of the best wine and beer selections anywhere in the city. Establishments like this are part of the reason why the competition to find new customers remains fierce in Palm Springs.
  3. No matter the time of day, you’ll find something to munch on at SO.PA, which is attached to the L’Horizon Resort and Spa. This restaurant is located outdoors and features a lovely fire pit alongside romantic candlelit tables and a number of fountains, all of which mingle together to provide a somewhat intimate atmosphere. You might come here once a season, but you’ll be sure to find a new and exciting dish on the constantly changing menu.

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