Tips For Losing Weight After The Holidays

The holidays tend to be a time of gluttonous indulgence.  When the plate of cookies always seems near, and there’s never a glass of wine or slice of cake you can’t resist.  Parties, social meetings, and eating out are all common themes of the holidays.  It’s no wonder that on average people tend to gain 5-10 pounds during this season.

However, indulgence is a part of the tradition of this season and it’s meant to be enjoyed once a year.  Instead of holding yourself back and not allowing yourself to enjoy the tastes and customs of the holiday season, just prepare yourself for how to lose the weight efficiently once it’s over.

Here are the most effective ways to gradually and effectively get rid of those extra pounds.

Go On a Diet

Try going on a diet that offers a safe and sustainable calorie allowance that includes a diverse and healthy menu full of enough protein and raw foods.  Some of the most popular diets for extreme weight loss include the Paleo Diet and Atkins.  These diets can promise up to a 20 lb loss in one month.

If these are too restrictive for you, you should try a simpler and perhaps easier diet by simply reducing your calorie consumption by a few hundred per day.

Walk More

Studies show that walking for only 30 minutes a day can increase your daily burn by up to 200 calories. By doing this every day you can lose a significant amount of weight over a gradual amount of time.

By walking to work or simply taking the stairs to your office floor instead of the elevator you can increase your steps by a lot.  Making this small change can not only cause your extra holiday pounds to shed but it also improves cardiovascular health.

Set Goals

Setting goals for yourself such as limiting alcohol intake, sugar, or simply making it a point to fit into a certain dress or pants by a deadline.

Photos can be extremely helpful when setting a physical goal for yourself.  By taking a before photo of how you look and taking an after photo, you can see the results you’ve achieved that you may not even necessarily realize you’ve achieved.

Seeing your goals achieved gives you a certain satisfaction that carries you through to achieve more and more in your life.

Start a Workout Program

Starting a workout program that is in a group class or at home DVD is a great way to lose weight and have a goal oriented timeline which promises serious results at the end of the program.

Try looking at the different types that might appeal to you and decide which one you might like for your regime.

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