The Top 3 Foods for Your Super Bowl Party

Every year one of the biggest food related events is the Super Bowl. Now, whether or not you are a football fan, you are more than likely going to be attending a party to watch the game and more importantly, eat some delicious food.

Unlike an event like the Melbourne Cup, for example, the Super Bowl draws an audience because of not only the party event atmosphere, but also because so many people like to watch the commercials.

And what makes a successful Super Bowl party? The food of course! Here are the top three foods you need at your upcoming Super Bowl party.

Pizza (Delivery of Course)

Pizza takes the top position because you cannot have a Super Bowl party without it. Also, it’s very convenient as you can order it and have it delivered.

Nothing is paired more perfectly than football and pizza, so be sure to order early with plenty of time to spare, because the Super Bowl is one of the busiest days for pizza delivery.

Some places stop taking orders leading up to the game so you might want to be sure to plan ahead and place your order days in advance, especially if it’s going to be fairly large in terms of the number of pizzas you will need.

Chips, Dips and Snacks

The party is usually an all day and all night event, so you need to make sure there are always options for those that are hungry. The easiest way to do this is just by laying out snacks and chips with drip. Fruits, veggies, cookies, etc. — they are all great options.

Now days you can even get creative and have vegan snacks or even snacks that contain CBD oil, and with more people supplementing with that now that is one way to really offer something unique and different.

Pro tip: hit up your local wholesale club and take advantage of the bulk discounts available. You never want to run out of food at your party, so stock up. It’s better to have some leftovers than to run out during the big game.

Chicken Wings

Wings are right up there with pizza when it comes to the most popular food at Super Bowl parties. These you can buy frozen and cook them as you need them throughout the day.

Or you can order from a local spot, like Hooters, and not have to worry about any food prep. But, all they require is that you toss them on a baking sheet and heat them in the over. This is a better option than receiving a large order and having them get cold.

Keep the over on and keep firing fresh ones out for your guests to enjoy.

Closing Thoughts

Oh, and a little friendly reminder: make sure your plumbing maintenance is up to date. With so many people at your party, bathroom traffic will be heavier than normal.

The last thing you want to have happen is experience a leak or suffer a clog that puts your bathroom out of commission. Preparation is key for a smooth party experience for you and your guests.

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