The Daily Grind: Why Coffee Beans Win Hands Down

There’s nothing quite like that first cup of coffee in the morning—unless it is the second…or the one after that. Coffee lovers are always looking for ways to improve the experience, but is there one thing above all others that makes the difference?

To Grind or Not to Grind

Coffee loses flavor slowly when it has been roasted, and quickly when it has been ground. You know that amazing smell when you first open the vacuum pack of ground coffee. No matter how carefully you wrap it up that smell is simply not there the next time you open it, and by the time you get to the bottom there is not much fragrance at all. That fragrance (or lack of it) goes into every cup you drink.

Many coffee aficionados will tell you that the key to good coffee is to grind it yourself.

In Favor of the Grind

Ground coffee is fresher and you get that wonderful fragrance and taste with every cup. It is said that ground coffee begins to lose its flavor after a few minutes. Grind enough for a week and put it in the refrigerator and you will notice how the taste deteriorates every day.

You can grind your coffee the way you like it for each cup. Perhaps you like an espresso first thing to get you going and a mug to linger over in the evening. With a grinder you can make the coffee to the right consistency every time.

Drinking coffee is a ritual that works better with a build-up of anticipation. Grinding is the first step in a treat for your senses. The sound of the grinder tells your other senses ready for the smell of the brew, the sight of the rich color, the feel of the warm cup in your hand, and finally the taste in your mouth.

It is much cheaper than buying pods, which are the only real alternative for getting a fresh taste with each cup. George Clooney might not notice the expense but you will.

Against the Grind

It takes time, and time is often at a premium when you most want your coffee, especially first thing in the morning.

It is noisy, and that can be an issue if you start early and the rest of the family is trying to sleep. But there are different methods of grinding, and if you want to find the best quiet coffee grinder it is not difficult.

It’s one more thing cluttering your work surface.

Many people can’t tell the difference. If to you one cup of coffee tastes much the same as another, then it is really not worth the hassle.

It’s Your Choice

Every coffee lover has preferences because there are so many variations to this drink. Someone who downs their cup and goes will opt for the speedy and convenient, but someone who is always looking for a little bit extra will probably choose to grind her own every time.

Aimee Russell is an accidental coffee connoisseur due to a job she took at a local coffee roasters! She loves the work and enjoys teaching people about coffee.

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