Taiwanese Food 101: 5 of the Most Famous Dishes You Have to Try

For some reason, the excellent cuisine of the island of Taiwan is often overlooked. But it should not be so!

Taiwanese food is among some of the best food in the world. The capital, in particular, of this fascinating place, is a haven for gastronomy lovers.

You may not be familiar with it, but we are sure you will love Taiwanese food. Here are 5 of the most famous dishes found in Taiwan:

Taiwanese Food: The 5 Best Dishes

It is quite challenging to list only 5 dishes as Taiwanese cuisine has an abundance of great food. But these 5 are sure to appeal to any palate and offer a great introduction to the rich gastronomic traditions of Taiwan.

1. Hot Pot

Asian cuisine is known for its soups. Taiwan, in particular, is known for the Hot Pot. The Hot Pot is a delicious soup to be had at any time of the day.

It is available in a casual style found in hole-in-the-wall type restaurants as well as in a refined style, found in fine dining restaurants. The soup can have a variety of ingredients ranging from pork bones to jujube to pickled cabbage. It can be dipped with seafood, meat, wontons, mushrooms, and tofu – among other ingredients.

2. Gua Bao

This is the Taiwanese hamburger. The burger is made of steamed buns called mantou. Mantou is stuffed with pork belly that was mixed with rice wine, soy sauce, and the Chinese five-spice powder

The burger is also complemented with peanuts, mustard greens, and cilantro. This is a great lunch option and if you are looking for a Western classic meal with an Asian twang, the Gua Bao should be on your list.

3. Fried Chicken

You may not have expected this. But Taiwan is famous for its fried chicken dish. Unlike what you may be used to, this fried chicken is deep-fried twice, making it extra crispy.

It is then tossed with salt and pepper along with basil leaves and the famous Chinese five-spice powder. You do not want to miss this delicious fried chicken. After tasting them, you will find it difficult to try any other form of fried chicken!

4. Stinky Tofu

Taiwan is famous for its Stinky Tofu. The tofu is fermented with a selection of Chinese herbs, dry fish – sometimes even shrimp, mustard, and amaranth greens. The tofu is tender and is delicious.

The smell will definitely turn off many who are not used to this dish. But part of trying different cuisines is to experiment and be bold. We urge you to bite into Stinky Tofu!

5. Snow Ice

Is this even a dish? We are sure you are wondering what is snow ice – as the name does sound unusual. 

But after helping yourself to a delicious Taiwanese meal, you need to cool down with dessert. This flavored ice dessert is often topped with fresh fruit. Other options are to add red beans, mung beans, or taro. Sometimes you will find Tapioca balls and grass jelly added to the mix. The ice is dipped in sweetened condensed milk to give it a great kick.

Dig In!

Now that you know about the 5 best dishes in Taiwanese food, it is time to dig in! Enjoy this rich and unique cuisine.

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