Reasons Why Glucose Is Worth Measuring With a CGM


Glucose is the primary source of energy for the cells in our body. When we consume food, the carbohydrate molecules break down into glucose to provide us with the energy to perform many vital functions.

But the blood glucose levels can vary. A high degree of glucose variability is detrimental to health.

Overview of Blood Glucose Levels 

When our body has low blood glucose levels, our liver manufactures glucose. But highly variable blood glucose levels can cause severe health conditions such as diabetes.

Our body cannot store glucose. Thus, it needs a constant supply of glucose that comes from the food we eat. Sometimes, when there is insufficient glucose, the body uses proteins and fat for energy.

But the brain only uses glucose for efficient function as neurons convert glucose into ATP, the energy packets. Therefore, glucose concentration in our body is essential for efficient brain function.

Glucose monitoring can help detect high and low blood glucose levels. It is crucial for people with diabetes because they must constantly monitor their blood sugar levels to adjust accordingly. 

What Is Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)?

Continuous glucose monitoring is a device that helps track glucose levels in your body. It helps you manage type 1 and 2 diabetes without taking finger stick tests. 

A sensor under your skin measures your blood sugar levels 24 hours a day. The transmitter sends the results to your wearable device or mobile phone. Therefore, a CGM device efficiently manages health. 

Reasons Why Glucose Is Worth Measuring With a CGM

You should measure your blood glucose levels by using a CGM for numerous reasons. Here are some of the following. 

CGM Determines Glycemic Variability Across Your Day

Glycemic variability is the change in the blood glucose levels after you consume a meal. Some foods spike blood sugar levels. It proves troublesome for people with diabetes. 

Therefore, keeping track of your glucose variability throughout the day is vital. With a CGM device, you can get alerts when any food causes spikes in your blood sugar levels, helping you monitor and regulate the glucose levels in your bloodstream.

Preventing high variability helps you stay healthy and saves you from many health conditions. 

CGM Tracks and Measures Sugar Consumption

A CGM sends continuous alerts when there is a spike in your blood sugar level. This way, you can effectively keep track of your sugar consumption.

The CGM calculates the glucose levels from time to time. It also holds a record of what affected your blood glucose levels. 

This way, you don’t have to calculate sugar levels every day. Instead, you can check your blood glucose levels on the CGM. Moreover, some modern CGM devices let you scan your meals to calculate the sugar levels. 

CGM Predicts the Impact of Various Foods on the Body 

When you use a CGM to detect blood glucose levels, the sensor records the sugar response after you eat specific meals.

It keeps track of every food item and its relative impact on your body. Therefore it helps you understand which food items can help regulate blood sugar levels and which ones are causing a spike.

CGM Can Help You Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Most of the time, we are unaware of the impact of various food items. It isn’t always about consuming junk food.

Sometimes, certain food items that may seem healthy may not be the right choice. For example, a bowl of fresh fruits may be suitable for one person but not beneficial to another.

A CGM helps detect the simple relationship between your food choices and how they affect the body. Therefore, you start understanding your body’s response to various foods and how they change your glucose levels.

As a result, you can figure out what is right for you, helping you make healthier lifestyle choices as a CGM guides you into choosing better alternatives for your health. 

CGM Maintains Your Overall Health

When CGM detects foods that cause glucose spikes, it makes you wary of food high in added sugar. You’re already taking a step towards a healthy life when you start cutting down carbohydrates, added sugar, and calories. 

Therefore, measuring your glucose levels with the help of a CGM can modify your eating habits.

Practicing clean eating nourishes your skin, positively affects your body fat composition metabolism, and keeps your gut healthy, improving your overall health. 

CGM Is a Reliable and Fast Source for Monitoring Glucose Levels

The many reasons glucose is worth measuring with a CGM is that it works as a fast and reliable source for monitoring glucose levels throughout the day. In addition, you don’t have to prick your finger with a needle after every meal to test your blood sugar levels. 

With a continuous glucose monitor, you can measure your sugar levels at any minute throughout your day. Therefore, it eliminates the pain of pricking your finger and provides a more accurate result.

Since it keeps track of glucose levels, it is much faster than your standard glucose monitoring tests that consist of taking a blood sample. 

Final Words

Continuous glucose monitoring is one of the most reliable and efficient ways to detect glucose levels in our bodies.

We can keep track of how every food item affects our sugar levels. It helps us make better lifestyle choices, and we can develop healthy eating habits. 

Moreover, the data can help our doctors form personalized diet plans to help us manage diabetes and other metabolic health crises. With today’s technology, there is no need to go to your doctor in their clinic. You can avail of telehealth services so there is no need for you to go out. Telemedicine for diabetes allows individuals with diabetes to have virtual consultations with healthcare providers. These video or phone appointments enable patients to discuss their diabetes management, review blood glucose levels, and address any concerns without needing to travel to a healthcare facility.

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