Presentation is Key: The First Taste is with the Eyes

Presentation is important in most aspects of life. If you are preparing for an important job interview, your appearance and clothing should be a large part of your preparation. The same goes if you are getting ready for a date. If you are wrapping a gift, you will always take some time to make sure the paper you use is appropriate, fun, and neat in order to give the right impression. For food, presentation is just as important.

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If you are considering opening your own food business, whether a simple food cart or truck, a new restaurant or cafe, or you are planning on selling packaged food in a grocery store, then the presentation of your product will be a key factor in your success or failure. For generations, chefs and food lovers have often said that the first taste is with the eye, and how your food is presented on a plate or in a package will have a huge influence on how your customers feel and appreciate your product. 

Here we are going to look at a few of the rules on food presentation, whether in a package or on a plate, to help your food business succeed. Let’s make sure the first taste of your food is as good as the last!

Planning Your Plate

Whether you are cooking cordon-bleu cuisine in a fine dining restaurant, plating up big breakfasts in a side street cafe, or dishing up slices of pizza in a fast-food joint, how you present your product is incredibly important.

In a seated restaurant or cafe setting, you should plan your plates and know how your food will be presented when it arrives at a diner’s table. You can use some paper and a pen to draw your display, or take photographs of your dishes for chefs to work from in the kitchen. This helps to ensure that your product is always looking its best and you have presentation standards set for your business and for your employees.

Expand Design Ideas to Your Setting

Not only is the presentation of your product important, but so is the presentation of your premises and your employees. If you are operating a food truck, for instance, then make sure your vehicle is in tip-top condition and that it is clean and welcoming. If you are running a restaurant or cafe, then your property’s decor is incredibly important, as is the presentation of your staff. Give your premises and uniforms a theme to make things easier.

Designing the Perfect Package

If your food business idea relies on product packaging, then you are going to have to take some time to design and plan the perfect packaging for your product.

Take a look around a grocery store and you will quickly see how important packaging is to products, especially food products. Your packaging is an opportunity to not only sell your product, but to also tell your company’s story to consumers. Look at this article to see how important making an impact with your product packaging can be.

No matter what kind of food business you have planned, the presentation is of paramount importance. Excellent products and services have failed because of poor presentation and packaging. Make sure you take the time to plan and design your product presentation to increase the chances of your business’s success.

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