How to manage your food cravings

Cravings can affect even the most determined dieter. Similarly to giving up smoking, when dieting you always get cravings.

So you could try the following tips to help you cope and resist temptation:

* Don’t skip meals as this will make you more likely to crave other foods and snack because you are hungry.

* Don’t starve yourself as this is most likely to lead to you experience cravings and to give in to temptation. Keep healthy snacks, like fruit or carrot/celery sticks) handy at all times.

* Drink plenty of water as dehydration can sometimes be mistaken for hunger and can increas cravings, especially for sweet foods. Water will also make you feel full, so you would feel less hungry.

* Don’t keep foods you crave in the house, and don’t go shopping when you’re hungry as you’re more likely to buy foods that are bad for you.

* As with any craving, distract your attention from it – go for a walk, have a bath or watch TV.

* Indulge once in a while so that you don’t deprive yourself completely as this could be your downfall. If you crave chocolate allow yourself a fun size chocolate bar and don’t feel guilty.

Good Luck!

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