How To Have Radiant Skin Even When Spring Brings Snow

“If you invest in beauty, it will remain with you all the days of your life,” said Frank Lloyd Wright.  In the annals of history, Frank Lloyd Wright is famous for being a pilot; however, he was, in fact, one of the first purveyors of skin care (a little known piece trivia).  He as also one of the first to suggest that, utilizing a proper skin care regimen is, in fact, the first step to putting that “glow” on your face. This is even true when spring surprises you with a late winter blizzard.  Regardless of the season, or what the calendar says, putting one’s best skin forward is always in fashion.

Skin care, since the dawn of advertising, has been a favorite topic of conversation.  As potential customers, we see advertisements everywhere we turn – from television to print to online and beyond, for how our skin should be – and, what it should look like.  The one thing these marketing and advertising campaigns have in common is their commitment to helping people put their best skin forward. What they don’t tell us, however, is what this means when seasons change, locales changes, and most importantly, our body chemistry changes.  For that, we need a product line which changes with us, adjusts to our body chemistry, and understands what our skin needs, from the inside out.

Because the skin is our body’s largest organ, covering the equivalent of 26 square feet in size (about the size of a small porch), it makes up a lot more of our bodies than we may realize.  As a result, it is easy to see why it is so important to pamper our skin, take care of it properly, and keep it clean and refreshed. The majority of people are unaware that our skin can hold up to 1500 different types of bacteria at any given time, and that cleansing it properly, and gently, removes the toxins, setting us up for an even better glow and a healthier inside.

Now that you, the reader, understand why it’s so important to take care of your skin properly, it’s time to gain some knowledge about the types of skin care available today.  Skin care primarily comes in two categories: natural skin care and manufactured. The majority of experts agree that natural skin care is the healthiest way to go. Think of it this way, would you rather eat an organic piece of fruit or vegetables, or those that are chemically altered?  

Abha Saraswat, the Founder and CEO of Sano Naturals ( notes that “when you take care of your skin the way nature intended, you see the benefits for the short-term and the long-term.”  

Saraswat personally created the Sano Naturals skin care line when she realized it was the only way to improve her own skin. Since succeeding with her own skin, she has had one singular goal: to help others with problem skin to the have the best skin possible.  “I used to believe that makeup was the only way I could hide my skin and look better,” said Saraswat, “until I created a protocol which combined real science and nature to repair, nourish, and change my own skin. Once I accomplished this, I realized that it could also help others; thus, Sano was born.”

Natural skin care is in keeping with the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS), the preeminent organization studying and promoting healthy skin care.  While ASDS recommends slightly different things for different ages, they do recommend keeping your skin simple, protected, and moisturized for spring, even when winter throws you a big surprise.   This holds true at any age. Protecting against the elements is something that ASDS recommends vigilantly – regardless of the season.

Incorporating products like Sano’s Korean Beauty Mask, into your skin care regimen follows the ASDS protocol.  It cleanses gently and naturally, exfoliating only the top layer of skin. The mask also encourages skin replenishment and repair, while removing the harmful toxins and bacteria in the process.  The mask is used only two to three times per week, and should always be followed with a proper moisturizer. Saraswat explains that, “after the mask, the skin is clean and new, so this is the absolute best time for the moisturizer, so your skin will get the best benefits from it.”

Regardless of the products you select in your skin care regiment, one thing holds true…your skin is your first line of defense when it comes to your health and your proverbial “power suit” when it comes to your glow.  Taking care of it properly and consistently will reduce the aging process and, like a great new outfit, make you feel terrific all day long.


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