Growing Weed at Home: Is It for You?

The cultivation of weed nowadays can be compared to the many methods used by amateur winemakers. Despite the legislation of weed in several states, some are keen to try their hand at cultivating their cannabis from their home. 

The growth of weed is not for everyone, especially those searching for a quick turnaround. However, those with a passion for growing weed can find that cultivating their crop at home is enjoyable and therapeutic. 

Those growing weed at home are not only growing strains that contain THC but also cultivating buds rich in CBD, which helps alleviate several ailments. Even before the celebrity CBD craze started, there were doctors, writers, and farmers working together to spread the positivity of cannabis. 

If you are unsure as to whether you should grow weed at home or not, it can be worthwhile considering the following factors. 

Do You Have Adequate Growing Space? 

Although some people may be in the position of being able to grow cannabis indoors, many will need to grow indoors, especially when sunlight is minimal. However, those wanting to cultivate cannabis indoors will need to ensure that they have space that can be accessed easily. 

It is also crucial that the space being used has access to water and fresh air. Some of the locations that can be considered for growing weed include the spare room and the garage. 

The Right Lighting is a Must 

Compact fluorescent bulbs and LEDs are the types of bulbs used to light the home and have been used by cannabis growers in the past. However, those looking to maintain a successful crop should invest in dedicated lighting, such as LEC CMH and LED grow lights.  

Only guessing what kind of lighting works could mean that you end up making a series of lighting mistakes, which in turn affects the quality of the crop. 

Finding the right bulbs can mean the process is more expensive in some instances, but failure to provide the right lighting could mean that you’re losing money in other aspects. 

The Type of Growing 

The easiest way to start growing weed is the use of soil. First-time growers need to be aware that organic composted soil should be used. Some mixes contain all the nutrients required for a successful crop, so research is essential. 

A soilless mix uses a substitute such as coco coir and perlite. As the use of soil is omitted, this growth is referred to as hydroponic. There are other types of growing techniques employed by seasoned growers, such as growing the plant directly in water.  

Drying and Curing the Cannabis 

Once cannabis growth has been completed, there is still work that needs to be done. Drying out the weed needs to be carried out in the right way to ensure that the quality of the harvest is retained. 

Measuring and Storing Marijuana 

Depending on the volume of cannabis grown, there may be a requirement to weigh and store cannabis, especially those growing different strains. Fortunately, there is a guide to measuring marijuana by aPotforPot, which explains the weighing process in greater detail 

After the measurements have been carried out, those looking to store weed for the long-term will need to ensure they find a cold and dark area. Otherwise, the potency could evaporate over time. 

There are a lot of factors to consider when growing weed, and the expertise needed means that it is not for everyone. However, those with green fingers looking for a new challenge will find that cultivating is an enriching and rewarding experience. 

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