Does Health Equal Wealth? Find Out What We’ve Learned From Marketing Expert, Douglas James

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Many entrepreneurs are focused on financial gains, and it makes sense. As an entrepreneur, your focus is on how your business or venture can excel and stand out from the pack. But what about your health? It may not be on the forefront of the minds of many entrepreneurs, but it could be just as important to the success of your businesses. Does health equal wealth? We posed this question to Douglas James, a marketing expert with years of experience working as an entrepreneur, and here’s what we learned.

Health and wealth are more connected than you might think

The connection between health and wealth is actually very strong, according to Douglas James. But this truth is also multi-faceted, and very complex. It’s not as simple as living a healthy life and acquiring wealth. So how are health and wealth connected?

Financial impacts

As an entrepreneur, your health choices matter, and will impact your business, according to Douglas. Firstly, if you’re making unhealthy choices, they’re likely draining your personal financial resources. For example, fast food that lacks nutrition, cigarettes, and other unhealthy habits can be costly. If you’re spending your hard-earned resources on expensive and unhealthy habits, you’re not thinking like a sharp entrepreneur.

Physical impacts

It’s not only your wallet that will feel the effects of unhealthy choices. If you’re making unhealthy choices, your body will be ill equipped to tackle your business. As an entrepreneur, it’s crucial to take care of your body, so your body is ready to take care of your goals. So, what are some things you can do to treat your body well? 

  • Get enough sleep: Make sure you’re resting properly. As an entrepreneur, it can be tempting to forego sleep, to accomplish your business goals. But this can lead to exhaustion, burnout, and illness, among other issues. Getting solid rest should be one of your biggest priorities.
  • Exercise regularly: Just as it can be difficult to get enough sleep, it can also be challenging to exercise regularly. But exercise is a proven way to stay healthy, energized, and keep your body feeling good. Just as you prioritize sleep, you should also be sure to get some type of regular exercise.
  • Make smart food choices: Your food is your fuel. When you’re deciding how to fuel your body, you don’t want to be putting garbage into your finest machinery. Just like you wouldn’t put discount gas in a diesel engine. To help you make smart food choices, plan out your meals in advance for the week, and make sure you have healthy snacks that you can reach for in a pinch, for when you get swamped with work.

About Douglas James

Douglas James is a digital marketing expert known as “The High-Ticket Client Guy,” for his knack for landing big clients. Now, he helps entrepreneurs achieve their goals by learning the ropes of digital marketing. You can learn more about how Douglas has helped more than 1,500 entrepreneurs by reading this article.

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