Cooking Lessons for the Rest of Us

As you’ve no doubt noticed, I’m not a gourmet chef. And I also tend to just look up something in my cookbook or on Pinterest and figure it out from there. I recently decided (well, for my New Year’s resolution) to get a little more formal education in the culinary space. I don’t want to go to a college, since I stay home with my kids most days.

I also wanted to have someone there by my side helping me do things in case I messed up. It was almost impossible to find something like this, but I was able to find one service that had an in home cooking lessons option. The site provides certified cooks to teach people in their home.  It connects students to teachers nationwide. Literally.

I searched their site ( for cooking instructors in American Fork, UT. Pretty out of the way. But they had some available to come right over.

So, starting on Jan. 1 I’ll be cooking up some professional courses with my instructors and you’ll get to see a whole new world of impossibly easy cuisine right from my kitchen.

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