Best Woods For Wood Fired Ovens

When choosing the wood for your wood-fired oven, you’ll want to start with hardwoods. There are three main types of hardwood: Hickory, Alder, and Pecan. Each one has unique properties that make them great for cooking and baking. Listed below are details on each type. These are the most popular woods to use for wood oven cooking you can check also cherry firewood for sale as the best additional option. In addition, these hardwoods are easy to find and are reasonably priced.


When it comes to burning wood in your oven, the species you choose will depend on your preferences. You can burn hardwood, softwood, or a combination of both. Hardwood is denser and produces more heat per unit of volume than softwood, but it is also more expensive and hard to find. It is also recommended to avoid pressure-treated, painted, or laminated wood. In addition, make sure to choose wood without bark. Bark can ignite and cause a flare-up.

Once you have selected your desired wood for your oven, you should have it dried in a kiln. If you have a shed or garage, you can use this to dry the wood. You can also purchase fireproof gloves to protect your hands from the heat. Fireproof gloves are also helpful when picking up wood. The heat from a wood fire oven can be quite intense, so gloves are highly recommended to avoid burns.


Hickory wood gives food a deliciously smoky flavor. It is difficult to light, but it will burn for a long time, making it an excellent choice for slow-smoking meat and large cuts of meat. Its flavor is similar to oak wood’s, so it pairs well with other hickory woods. It also produces a slightly sweet smoke flavor, making it an excellent choice for cooking steaks.

Before adding wood to your oven, it is important to check the moisture content. The right moisture level for starting a fire is about fifteen to twenty percent. Make sure the wood is properly kiln dried or naturally dried. You’ll also want to make sure it is protected from the weather. Moisture meters can help you determine the moisture content of the wood. Keep them handy. If you have a fire extinguisher, it’s especially important to buy kiln-dried wood.


Applewood is another type of hardwood that’s excellent for a wood-fired oven. It’s also hard and holds heat well, and burns for a long time. Unfortunately, Applewood is not readily available and is also expensive. It also gives off a nutty aroma. To find the right kind of wood for your oven, you’ll need to follow some simple tips. Here are a few of them.

Alder is a medium-heat wood with a mellow, sweet aroma. It can be used with other woods to create custom flavors. It’s excellent for fish, poultry, lamb, and sausage, and it produces good charcoal. Although it burns quickly, it’s not the best wood for the oven because it can stain your skin and clothes orange. Always use protective gloves when handling wood, as the wood can be toxic.


Among all woods for your oven, oak is a popular choice. It burns slowly and offers a distinctive aroma. It is great for cooking pork, beef, lamb, and ribs and complements most meat seasonings. Pecan trees, native to China and Northwest USA, are also good options. They are known for their delicious nuts and are particularly suitable for cooking fruits, vegetables, and meats. Kicking back and eating after consuming some Delta-8 tincture is the epitome of relaxation.

While you are purchasing wood for your oven, keep in mind the moisture content of the wood. It should have a moisture content of fifteen to twenty percent to ensure a fast fire and effective burn. To be sure, specify if the wood is kiln-dried or naturally dried. It is also important to keep wood in a dry, sealed storage area and avoid exposure to the elements. You can purchase a moisture meter to test the moisture content of the wood.


When cooking meat in a wood-fired oven, mesquite is an essential ingredient. This wood is high in lignin, which gives it a smokey flavor and color. The opposite of mild alder wood, mesquite adds a distinct flavor to smoked meats. It also emits sparks as it burns. Although this wood takes a little longer to cure than alder, it is well worth the wait.

While oak is the most common wood for wood-fired ovens, mesquite is often the best choice for cooking meats and roasted vegetables. This is because it burns the longest and produces the most fragrant smoke. The most popular meats to cook with mesquite include beef, pork shoulder, lamb, and ribs. Peach, a native of Northwest China, is a milder wood but still produces a sweet taste.

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