5 Tips For Creating A Classic Cheese Board

One of the most classic dessert options to go with is to serve a classic cheese board. It is a great way to experience different tastes while having a nice conversation with your dinner guests. There are so many different options to go with when it comes to serving cheese and it is a good idea to try to keep it simple. Here are five tips for creating a very classic cheese board.

Cheese Board

1. Something Creamy

First, you want to add some creamy cheeses for your cheese board. These are perfect cheeses to start off with and will provide this soft almost floury taste for you to enjoy.

The most traditional choices to go with are Camembert and Brie. You could also get something from closer to home and purchase a great Scottish cheese called Bonchester.

2. Include Some Hard Cheeses

You should then include some harder cheeses for your selection. These cheeses are usually harder because they have been made differently. There is no cooking process involved and they get the hardness from being pressed for a while.

Parmesan is probably the most favoured hard cheese and it should be on your cheese board. You can also then go with different classic Cheddar and Leicester cheese options and pick something you like.

3. Bring On The Blues

You also want to include some great blue cheese to achieve the perfect classic cheese board. There are many different blue cheese options to go with as well. The safest option is to keep in mind that the best blue cheeses generally come from France, Italy and England.

4. Serve It With Port Wine

Port wine is one of the best drink options to consider serving together with cheese. The sweet fruity taste of port wine will compliment the saltier tastes of the cheese board in such a perfect way. There is some real harmony between these two.

There are many different port wine options to go with. Naturally the best port wines are often vintage ports as they have been collecting taste for a long time. The finest vintage port can really bring out the best in cheese so you’d want to look for those. Make sure you always decant vintage port before serving.

5. The Best Accompaniments

Naturally, you can’t just have cheese and port. There is plenty of choice when it comes to accompaniments as well and it all also depends a bit on what type of presentation you’d like to go with.

It is important to include some biscuits with the cheese board. Go for a few very plain biscuits to eat with the stronger cheese. You can also add some salted olive oil biscuits and perhaps even poppy seed biscuits. Love Food has some good tips for selecting biscuits with cheese.

You can also add some cured Spanish ham for your cheese board. Grapes and dried fruit is also a nice snack to have on the side.

The above five tips will help you create the perfect classic cheeseboard. It is a really good dessert choice or a snack board to include for your dinner party.

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