5 Must Haves for The Ultimate BBQ

Barbeque_block_party_Kansas_cityThere’s one BBQ almost every year that each and every one of us remembers for all the right reasons and a great BBQ isn’t a matter of luck, there are a number of planned factors that make it the sum of its parts. So, let’s take a look at some of the factors that make for a great BBQ.

The Area

A great patio or outdoor area can make a BBQ and having enough space for people to mingle, get around and talk to each other can be something that really helps create a successful BBQ. Placing the BBQ in a place where it is close to central but in no way in fringes on the social aspect of a BBQ via smoke or otherwise is a good start. Also consider serving and proximity to where the food will be eaten.


Colourful table cloths can brighten up the dullest of spaces and really create a great exciting feel in the area. Alternatively, choose if you’re going for the shabby chic look; why not choose rustic serving ware. Some people prefer a sleeker feel and in such a case modern furniture and minimalist bowls and plates help.

When the sun goes down you’ll wish to light the area in question and one great addition is Citronella candles. These light the area, but also benefit as they help keep flies and bugs away, preventing annoyance and irritation. Paper covers, solar lighting along pathways and storm lanterns are also great options for BBQs.


Of course, if you’re like a lot of us in the northern hemisphere and enjoy staying out well after the sun goes down it can get cold. This is where a patio garden heaters if you enjoy BBQs regularly can come in useful. Patio heaters come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and gas options are often the best for outdoor heating. These allow people the opportunity to stay warm and stay out late and are the perfect addition to an outdoor BBQ area.

The Menu

Great BBQs are judged by the quality of the food and planning the perfect menu is down to the quality of the ingredients. Make sure the meat is of good quality and the that there is also a good selection of sides, cheeses and also salad to go with the protein feast on offer. Include condiments and also breads and buns for sausages and burgers and you’re most of the way there to a great meal that meat lovers and also veggies can enjoy.


Good music and good drinks are also pre-requisite at a good BBQ. Include alcoholic and also a selection of non-alcoholic drinks, or even ask people to bring their own. Plenty of water is also a good idea, especially if the meal is during the warmer part of the day.

A great BBQ is one of those thoroughly enjoyable occasions that lifts everyone and showcases what the summer is all about.

Darren Smith is a writer who loves music and enjoying life. He has written all sorts of articles on food, culture and being out and about.

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